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Thursday, March 26, 2015


March 23, 2015

This week has been so nakakapagod (tiring). I fell asleep in a couple of lessons. That was a repeating nightmare for me as a new missionary. And now it’s happening in real life and I’m just like, “eh…ayos lang.” (It’s ok)

*Random side bar about pinching*
I don’t think I’ve ever written about this. Kids sometimes like to pinch my arm hair. Cause  it’s blond.
And people here don’t really have arm hair. 
But they use the Tagalog word for “fur” to describe it. Nice.

Alrighty – here is why this week was so nakakapagaod:

  • Two late nights (Sunday and Monday) and then waking up early Tuesday morning because of departing missionaries!! (Note to self….pack bags earlier than the night before.) It was fun to stay up and help them pack, and then drop them off at the bus. But it made for a killer Tuesday and Wednesday – my companion and I were the walking dead.  
  • Thursday night (Friday morning, actually, 2am!) we left for Manila. (All of the departing foreign missionaries had to go get fingerprinted for leaving the country.) I had gotten sick – around midnight I started throwing up. But this was the last group of departing foreign missionaries going to Manila for fingerprinting before I go home, so I had to go even though I was sick. Thank goodness for some well-timed bus stops…It was great though because I got to catch up with Sister Golightly! We haven’t really been able to talk since she visited me when I was in the hospital. But we were up for almost 24 hours, so we got to catch up. On the bus ride to Manila (from 2am – 9am) we gave up our seats to a mom and her kids. So we sat in the aisle on a little kid stool and a bucket. We got to Manila, got fingerprinted, and then went to TACO BELL. Oh my gosh. Words cannot describe. I felt like Orphan Annie, “Could someone pinch me please?” But wait! It gets better! Taco Bell is located in one of the malls in Manila. Our super nice drivers gave us an hour to walk around before we had to go back to the bus. It was like a little piece of America. Sister Golightly and I split a Krispy Kreme donut and got smoothies, and just walked in all the stores with our mouths hanging open. Culture. Shock.

  • I’ve received mail these last few weeks! Thank you so much Mama J, Cook family and Sherwin family. I feel so loved. And lucky.
  • I have the best companion ever. On Thursday night there were 12 sisters at our house (perks of being assigned in Lingsat…Party! Party!) Sister Golightly told me when my companion heard me throwing up, she jumped up (everyone was sitting around talking) and said, “My companion is sick!” and ran out the door (I was outside). She held my hair out of the way and rubbed my back. She is so nice!
  • I get to rub shoulders with spiritual giants. Our mission president stopped by our district meeting. He had super great insights about everyone’s cases (each companionship takes turns sharing something about a progressing investigator or less active member). We asked for ideas on how to help the ward better befriend one returning member in our area who is practically deaf. President asked us “What has been done to help this sister hear again?” That never even occurred to me. [Go to the root of the problem and actually help make a big difference.] President said, “Imagine how much of a difference it would make to this sister if she could actually hear the gospel.” So true! Since getting his counsel, my companion and I have thought of four other ways that we can better serve the people – really help them.
  • Everyone I’m with has a good sense of humor. And forgiving heart. In one lesson, with Sister Chita (a blind member of our ward), I fell asleep while my companion was reading the Book of Mormon out loud. When it was my turn to read, she passed it to me and I just straight up dropped it. (Dang it. My husband just got less attractive.) After I read my five verses, Sister Chita asked me what it meant. OK…I can’t understand Isaiah on a good day, let alone on a day when I’m pagod and reading in Tagalog. I read it quickly in English and thought about it. Then just admitted, “I don’t actually know…” Everyone had a good laugh.  
I truly am a lucky missionary. I'm lucky to be here in this beautiful place with wonderful people. I'm lucky to be serving the Lord and to be loved and supported by all of you!

Mahal Kita,
Sister J

Goodbye crazy psycho-clown-red hair!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

"Sweet"? Nope, these were definitely sour. Still fun to see Washington apples though! 

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  1. Hello, My name is Michelle Christensen. Our son, Elder Brian Christensen, is also serving in the Baguio Mission. He, too, entered the MTC on July 31, 2013. He is getting released in July 2015.

    My husband and I are going to travel to the Philippines to pick him up.

    Would you happen to have any travel information that you could share with us?
    We would love some advice on how to travel from Manila to San Fernando as well as places to stay.

    Could you please email me back. My address is

    Thank you,
    Michelle Christensen