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Monday, March 9, 2015


So much stuff happened this week. I can’t believe it’s only been one week. Where to start? In order of craziness or in order of events?

I’m in San Fernando Zone again. I got emergency transferred. Transfers aren't supposed to be until tomorrow, but I've been here since Friday. President called Friday morning and said, “Pack all of your stuff in 2 hours and hop on a bus.” I’m now assigned here in Lingsat. It’s kind of a lot of pressure – it’s the ward that our Mission President attends. It’s basically the center of the mission – APs, office elders, STLs. I was a lil’ worried, but so far it’s been ok. :)

I’m here because tomorrow both Sister Beckham and Sister Lunar are getting transferred, so I've been trying to learn the area as best as I can – memorize names and places and faces in the past few days. It’s been super fun getting to know Sister Lunar and hanging out with Sister Beckham! I have been laughing so much.

Next week. It’s going to be a bit stressful. We have new missionaries coming in. And we have a couple of sisters staying here because their house has no water. Sister Lunar and Sister Beckham are leaving, and they are both leaving some of their stuff here because they are close to going home. Then I have 2 new companions coming – and one of them is leaving in a week. I know both of them and I’m SO EXCITED! One of them, Sister Sauginsin, is my batch mate and I've been thinking for the last few transfers, “I really hope we are companions.” BOOM! IT’S HAPPENING!

*Becky Moment*
I really want to just kick everyone out and clean the whole house and go through stuff and throw it away.

*Fun Fact*
I am here in San Fernando at the computer shop I used to go to when I was being trained. As a new
Missionary. So crazy! The couple’s baby (that owns the internet shop) is now running around! Time flies. AND! I can go on exchanges in my first area. Cause I’m the zone’s STL.

Back to missionary work:

I love this area. I feel really lucky. I have gotten a good mix of areas on my mission.
Pagdalagan – tobacco and corn fields and bamboo houses
Baguio – slums of the city
Agoo – rice fields
Baguio – nice city feel
Lingsat – beach

Yup. My current area has the beach in it. I’m definitely going finding to all the houses along the beach. :)

I have a few goals for my last transfer on my mission. One of them – I've been praying for a companion who I can learn a lot from their good example. I think Heavenly Father is answering my prayers and then some. I am surrounded by spiritual giants. I hope I can just soak it all in.

There are a lot of people with special needs here. I can already tell that I am going to learn a lot from their examples. Nanay Dina (Dee-na) is hilarious. So funny. She is 75 years old, loves to sing hymns and is so happy all of the time, even though she can’t walk because of the stroke she suffered. I seriously just need to bring a hidden camera to the lessons because this lady is my favorite. She shared what she read in the Book of Mormon with us (2 Nephi 9:31), then she said, “This is not true. I don’t believe this. Just because they cannot hear, they will perish?! They are so kawawa! This, this part is not true.” [Maybe you had to be there…just try to imagine it in the cutest old lady voice ever.]

Other crazy things:
I was pickpocketed. Dang it.
I gave a workshop at MLC
I love the heat! :) 

Love you so much!! Talk to you soon! I’m gonna work my butt off, take pictures on the beach, try my best to eat healthy (pray for me on that one) and make so many memories and friends.

Sister J


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