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Monday, March 9, 2015


March 2, 2015

Is this the case with all missionaries? Or is it sort of a Philippines thing? Do people hide from you guys? This week we went to teach a family that is so kind – they always let us teach them. They live in a one room house that has one wooden “bed” (it’s kind of like a platform), a bench, and an entertainment center with a TV. They have 10 kids. The 16 year old girl and 3 little siblings were home when we stopped by early in the afternoon. We had a few other appointments in the area that we figured we could teach first, so we told them we would stop by again later that day. When we came back the 16 year old said her mom still wasn't home. We asked if we could teach her and she reluctantly  said yes.

We could tell on her face she was TOTALLY hiding something. As we talked with her the toddler toddled over to the bed, sat on the floor next to it, and started jibber jabbering away. Then a hand poked out, grabbed his hand, and shushed him! I poked my companion and gestured towards the bed. Yup. There was the mom. Hiding under the bed. We started laughing, said, “Hi! We found you! Come on out!” She got up, climbed up on the bed and out the window. People only hide like this during earthquakes or if the missionaries are coming over.

This week was good though! When I was on exchanges with Sister Lomibao, a different less active that I have never even met before was home and we were able to teach him! His story is so sad. They were a strong, active family. But then after his wife died everything just fell apart. His kids went different directions – abroad, Manila – and he just lost control. One time he went to church by himself and one of the members said, “Where are your kids? Why aren't they here? This church is for families. You’re not a very good dad.” Oh man. I’m sure that member had the best intention, just the wrong advice at the wrong time. He said he wants to come back. We invited him to come back and prepare to go to the temple so that he can be sealed to his wife. He said he will try. And (this part is so kawawa) he and his grandson are the only ones now that live at his house. He said, “We are lonely a lot. Something is missing here.” It’s true! The Gospel of Jesus Christ! That’s what’s missing! 


  • Twice this week I was asked if it’s against our religion to ride in cars/jeepneys. Haha. Nope…we just don’t have enough money to taxi everywhere.
  • There was an earthquake this week on Tuesday morning. Really small, but it knocked over my picture frame.
  • I slipped in a river. Just decided to walk the rest of the way in the water.
  • I had a “Spencer” moment. Almost passed out when the man we were teaching described some gnarly stuff involving blood. YUCK. 

There is a festival here in Baguio right now called the flower festival. There was a dancing parade on Saturday, a float parade yesterday, and today the main roads are closed down and covered with shops. Which is super fun EXCEPT we can't get transportation. It is seriously the biggest pain. Sunday we had to just walk to our area...which is not close. IDK how long it took... an hour?

And it took us an hour earlier today to get a taxi. We were walking and waving and yelling for taxis to come pick us up.... everyone was full. Even all the jeepneys. We even asked a lady if we could share her taxi with her. Nope. We offered to pay. Nope. BUT then a jeepney pulled over and one person got out. A guy cut in front of us and got on, but I was determined. I jumped on the jeepney, sat down on the remaining space that was too small for a small child and then put my housemate (Sister Panganiban) on my lap. Usually if jeepneys get too full people put their children on their laps... but these people were just staring at us like, "you idiots." As Sister Lacdo-o walked back and forth inside trying to find a seat Sister Faka'osi just sat down on the back. Sister Lacdo-o decided to just sit on the floor. Everyone was staring... EVERYONE inside and outside the jeepney. It was hilarious. Then the driver turned to me and said, "Can you please take a different one?" Dang it. 

We just decided to keep walking. As we were walking Sister Panganiban and I made a sign that said,
"Share a Taxi?" To hold up. FINALLY we saw someone get out of their taxi! We sprinted over,
yelling and waving and praying that no one would steal it. SUCCESS!!! (Hence, I am emailing you.) :)
When we sat in the taxi we were quiet for a sec. Sort of a group *sigh* then Sister Faka'osi said, "Never again."  Ha ha. Making memories!!

These pics are from this morning! We got up early and went to Burnham Park for a walk. There were news people in the park. I was really uncomfortable because 1. I was wearing workout pants that were probably too tight for a missionary and 2. This is literally the only time in all history that the news people STOP REPORTING and start STARING at the person with NO MAKEUP wearing WORKOUT CLOTHES (because I'm white??). I just wanted to leave but my companion really wanted to take pics so we stayed for a bit. We saw two floats left over from yesterday, and took pics with some kids that were still dressed up from the parade. :) They let us wear their hats. :)


Someone brought a couple of FOOTLONGS to the ward activity. They were cut into tiny pieces. Everyone got two bites. I teared up. Seriously SO GOOD!! I asked the member where she bought them... she made them. Dang it!

Loving my life in the Philippines! 

Sister J

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