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Monday, November 24, 2014


I have really been lacking in the creative department lately. So this week I’m not even going to try. Next week na lang. I’ll do better next week.

Fangonilo – found out this week that I have been spelling and pronouncing their names wrong this whole time. *Awkward* But they are doing great. They all came to church yesterday except for RJ. He went swimming on Saturday. He dove into the river, cut his face on the rocks and was too embarrassed to come to church. His younger sister informed us, “He looks like Avatar!”

They are working on their “My Family Book.” They are preparing for baptism on January 24th. Brother Bong is ALMOST there. He smokes maybe 1 or 2 sticks a week now. (It used to be 11 a day!) #miracles

Lucben – gambling. Monday night, we had a SUPER bold lesson. I just was straight up. I was so stressed before because other missionaries in the past had taught them that gambling was bawal – but they were still doing it. And I wasn’t sure why. Anyway – walking out of that lesson I just felt a burden lifted. I had been so clear and explicit so there was no way they could misunderstand. I did my part, so if they decided to continue gambling, that was on them not me. *sigh*

They quit gambling.

They are SO excited to get baptized. Bro L’s going to try to prepare himself so that he can baptize them.

Donna – one of our new investigators, read the Plan of Salvation pamphlet between our visits this week. When we asked her how it was, she said, "We are actually coming from God's presence. I didn’t realize that. I read that then just looked down at Chloe (her one month old baby) and thought, 'Wow.You came to me straight from God.’"

Tender moment. Donna is so great!

I am so happy to be here in the Philippines as a missionary. Life is great. I hope you all are happy and enjoying life wherever you are! 

Can you believe how beautiful this place is?! When we have to cut through these rice fields, we try to stay on the dirt [mud] paths

Service project!

Our friend from last week's tithing lesson

#thesedresses #dontwelookgreat #weworethemtochurchonsunday

Monday, November 17, 2014


I love my companion. She is super down to earth, so it’s not a big deal if we both start having that inappropriate laugh in a prayer, or if I want to make us a batch of popcorn between personal and companion study.

My companion is also very diligent. She doesn't mind running through muddy rice fields to save some walking time or doubling our pace to make our appointments. I am always impressed with how sincere her prayers are. She is so humble and willing to learn. She is always excited to work. Sister Apin and I went to San Fernando on Friday for new missionary training. It was great, really informative. I have a lot of things I can improve on. Also, I got to see Sister Dizon (#celebsighting) so that was great. By the time we got home and dropped off our stuff it was already evening time, so we prayed that we would be able to teach the two families on our plan and find and teach a new family. GOOD NEWS! God answers prayers. But sometimes He doesn't answer them in the most comfortable or easy way. We stopped by a lot of houses that we just normally pass by every day. And it was funny – I could tell people were confused that we were talking to them cause we usually just walk by in a hurry. Well, we stopped on Friday. We found an excited mom and dad and 5 kids. The Lord is so good. I know that specific prayers, combined with our efforts to help God give us the blessings we have asked for, will give us specific answers.

A recent convert/less active (kawawa, right?) in our area has really changed – for the better. It all started with our lesson last week on tithing. It wasn't supposed to be about tithing – it was just supposed to be obedience. But the branch member explained that it used to be hard for him to obey the law of tithing. Then Mama L asked, “What is tithing?” So we explained it to her. It was really good. So good. I was surprised how excited she looked to pay her tithing at the end of the lesson. Mom and dad, I shared your story of how paying your tithing blessed your life. Mama L was super excited to pay her tithing because she had faith that the blessing God promised happened to others and could happen to her.

She paid her tithing last Sunday.

She told us that the next day her son-in-law received more cars than his car shop was used to catering to. And that he was able to finish the two cars that he previously had so then he could take on all the jobs.

Tithing. What a great way to always be able to show our faith to the Lord.

THANKS FOR THE LETTERS! FL Primary, mom, Andersons, Michael Jarvis, Hermana Taylor – I’ll write you back later today. :)

Friday, November 14, 2014


Yup, it’s true. I have a giant, painful bite on my nose and my toes are guaranteed to be coated with mud at any time of the day. Ah, life! :)
Sister Gerhards, MY TRAINER, went home this week! So did Sister Tune. On their last day, Sister Gerhards went to our old area in Pagdalagan. I heard a couple of weeks ago from other missionaries that Sister Violetta was less active now. So when I saw Sister Gerhards at the transfer point, I asked her if she was going to visit Sister Violetta. She said she would! And another fun tradition in Baguio Mission – on your last night at the mission home you can call your friends on the mission and say goodbye. So Sister Gerhards called me and told me all about her visit to Sister Violetta’s house.
Turns out Violetta’s mom is sick. She has been super sick since August. Violetta can’t leave her alone – even to go to church. That’s why she is less active! I was so confused when the other missionaries told me that because when I left the area, she was excited to go to the temple. She told Sister Gerhards that she still reads the Book of Mormon every day. :)
 The reason I was at transfer point was so I could pick up my new companion – SISTER APIN! I love her. So much. Can I just take a moment to brag about my new companion? She has such a great attitude about the work. She is so excited and enthusiastic. She has only been here a few days but is getting to know everyone. It’s easy to tell how much she loves everyone.
Sister Apin bought a can of sardines for dinner. Then we went to the Ordinarios house and noticed they didn’t have any ulam, only rice. (Ulam goes on top of rice.) So she gave her sardines to the Ordinarios! Even though it was Saturday night and we didn’t have any ulam at our house! She said that she had a feeling when she bought it earlier that she wasn’t buying it for herself. Oh my gosh. Then I said we would be blessed with dinner because of her kindness. Guess who cooked for us? Our great branch mission leader!
#WhatGoesAroundComesAround #ILoveMyCompanion #SuchaGoodExample
Then, on Sunday, I pulled out my crackers and ate them. My companion said “Oh, I’m hungry too.” She grabbed her crackers then PASSED THEM OUT TO EVERYONE IN THE CLASS.
Life is so good from my nose to my toes. I’m kinda short on time…love you all! Ingat!

It was so great to meet up with old friends at the transfer point! Although we were not companions, Sister Tune and I lived together for 6 months. I love her!

My three word mission motto 
(We each had to submit a picture for a slideshow at an upcoming conference).

Monday, November 3, 2014


It’s so cheesy – I know. I hope y’all enjoyed the title. 
I really pondered this one.

But, for reals, it was a great week for the Ordinario family. Brother Domingo’s baptism was so beautiful. His sister, Erlinda, came for the baptism. She is a member of our church. She teared up when Bro. Domingo was entering the water, saying, “This is a miracle. I’ve been praying for this for so many years.” And as cheesy as it sounds, I think the words to the chorus of our closing song at the baptism, “The Spirit of God” describe the baptism for me.

We’ll scream and we’ll shout with the armies of heaven,
Hosanna, hosanna to God and the Lamb!
Let glory to them in the highest be given,
Henceforth and forever, amen and amen!

Also, big week for the rest of the Ordinario family. GET EXCITED! Actually, they didn’t come to the baptism or to church. When we went on Tuesday to their house, Nanay had a HUGE wound on her leg. She had a cut before, a couple weeks ago, but it has gradually gotten bigger and bigger. It seriously looks like something is eating her flesh. We saw it, and my companion and I looked at each other and immediately decided to go to the Branch President’s house because the wound was the size of her calf. And they had no money for the hospital. And as missionaries we aren’t supposed to hand out money.

So naturally we TOOK OFF through the rice field. But they are about to plant a new crop of rice at this time of year (but the two Americans had no idea) so the fields are SUPER MUDDY. We hurried through the mud and water, trying to find the best route to the Branch President’s house. We explained the situation. They agreed to come with us so we headed back to the Ordinarios with the Marianos. The Marianos ended up buying medicine for Nanay. They visited them again on Wednesday and her leg was looking a lot better.

When Sister Hardy and I went back on Sunday, Bro. Memerto Ordinario told me that when the Marianos visited on Wednesday that he told President “Our sisters are so diligent. We just love them. They are always so busy and so tired. They even ran through the mud to help us. We just love them.” *TENDER*

After the lesson we asked Nanay if she had any questions. She said, “Yeah. Why are you so nice? And so beautiful? And so diligent?”

Oh my gosh. They are too kind. Seriously. Nanay is the one I wrote about before who said, “We can’t turn you away because it would be like turning away Jesus.”

We are SO lucky to be able to teach such great people. I told her, “No, we aren’t great Nanay, you are.” Nanay is a great example of what was shared at the Philippines Area Conference last night. “We see the world not as it is, but as we are.”

I hope I can become more like the extraordinary Ordinarios. :)


Our housemate is obsessed with Halloween, so we got up early and surprised her with decorations in our house. :)

Branch Halloween Party. Good times!