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Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Missions are great places to learn. The first thing you learn is humility – even without learning a new language I feel like the mission would still be a very humbling experience. I've also learned a lot just from going into lots of different people’s homes. But I've also been able to learn a lot of things from myself. As one missionary said, here on the mission all of your weaknesses are “thrown in your face.” And it’s so true. Good thing God gives us the opportunity to make weak things strong. Otherwise missions would be a whole lot more discouraging.

Last Sunday after transfers I was murmuring. I was complaining about things out of my control – not with the intent of improving the situation -just for the sake of complaining. I just did not really have a great attitude about the whole thing. Until Monday afternoon when I got an email from my sister Emily about what she had been reading in the scriptures. “1 Nephi 2:12 talks about Laman and Lemuel…that is true!” Who is the missionary now?! (Cue my repentance. My Mission President knows best.)

I read a really good article in the January Liahona this week. It was just a little story about how a little girl gave her teacher a nice, clean, shiny potato and how we shouldn't wait until we have an “apple” before we serve others. It’s so true! The author gave a good example – instead of waiting until you have time to make a homemade card and buy some flowers just skip the card and flowers and visit the sick person. Don’t procrastinate the day of your service. I got to see a few examples of this in my ward this week (but they are too confidential to share – sorry!)

We had new missionaries come in this week! They stayed at our house! All these things that are just a part of life for me now (examples - you have to use a bucket every time you flush the toilet, and why we eat hot dogs for breakfast) they were super confused about. It was so fun to be around new missionaries though. They just have such a great energy. And so much faith! They literally have no idea what they are getting themselves into, but they are still here! Still happy! Still excited! Still ready to serve! I’m learning from that example.

Another perk of living here in Lingsat, we get to host the missionaries right before they go home! I saw Sister Dizon!! We didn't get to spend very much time together because she was busy packing and I was busy preparing our house for the arrival of the new missionaries. But it was so good to see her even if we just talked for a bit. Something learned – I could totally get a job cleaning ANYTHING after this. I wish I had taken before and after pictures of our house! :)  

Probably the biggest lesson I learned this week was…don’t try new hair dye on Saturday night! Oh my gosh. My hair is fire engine red. If I pull the little curly pieces by my face out I look like a psycho clown. Yup. All of the Relief Society ladies loved it though. The Elder’s faces were priceless when they saw it on Sunday morning at church. Their eyes practically bugged out of their heads. “You look like Ariel. Not the cartoon one. The one at Disneyland.” Cross your fingers – I’m going to try to fix it today.

I’m also learning A LOT from my new companion. I was praying to have a companion that I could learn from her example. God answers prayers! Sister Saguinsin is a great person and missionary.  

I still have 5 weeks to try to learn as much as I can! Soak it all in! And hopefully make it to the beach too.

Sister J  

Sister Saguinsin and me

The new missionaries!

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