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Monday, February 23, 2015


I’m getting SO LAZY with my group letter lately. I feel like my life as a missionary has sort of mellowed out: lots of finding and some teaching, studies, sleep, eat, do it again, and try to improve. Even though I am used to this life, I am trying to remember/think of what is different or interesting so that I can give you all a better taste of life in the Pines.

*Scary moment*
I had to give a workshop at Zone Conference in front of President and Sister Balledos about how to improve teaching skills through planning. I think I have developed a little bit of a public speaking fear on the mission. Sweaty palms and butterflies – it was terrifying because I heard from other missionaries from other zones that there were chastisements. Yikes. The workshop was fine. I am no expert, but I guess I did well enough – no chastisements.

*Spiritual moment*
Even after 1000 times of sharing my testimony, one time this week I just knew it. I felt the spirit so strongly. By the look on her face, I don’t think she felt it. I think she was just thinking, “What the --? Why is this American girl crying in my house?” We know that every time we share our testimonies they become stronger. That’s another perk of being a missionary – we get to share our testimony multiple times a day. So if nothing else, at the end of the day, we know we have grown stronger.

*Sad moment*
I missed church this week. Yup. It feels super weird. Something is definitely missing. I got sick again bright and early Sunday morning. I think it’s those amebas…they are a true friend; they’ll never leave me. :) But really, the true friend is Sister Lacdo-o for taking care of me – keeping a hot pack on my tummy for the pain. And she also cleaned the whole house which is AWESOME! And I’m already feeling way better, just a little bit like a jack-o-lantern.

*Heart breaking moment*
I can’t go to Agoo on Saturday for the baptism of Fangonillo and Jerabese. So close, but so far away.

*Trunkey moment*
Today I have exactly 2 months left on the mission. I’m not yet having a hard time focusing on the work, or having any regrets or anything. It feels like just yesterday that I was walking into CSI with other missionaries asking them how much I should barter for things. They told me it’s basically like Target. Oh.  ;) That was my first day in the Philippines. Time goes so fast. Every moment, every choice matters. Make the most of every moment – good and bad, happy and sad, because then those moments become memories.

I’m going to make the most of my remaining moments. :)

Sister J

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