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Tuesday, February 17, 2015


January 26, 2015

It was a great last week here in Agoo. Yup, I’m transferring. I had mixed emotions – I knew that the transfer was coming and I have had some struggles that I haven’t talked about, so I was sort of ready, but at the same time not quite.

Funny moment – mom, do you remember the object lesson you sent me last year? With the cups and the pictures? Well, it basically explains how Christ established His church, then the apostasy happened then Christ's church was restored. At the bottom of the tower there are cups for Jesus Christ, apostles, prophets, Aaronic and Melchizedek Priesthood – these are the base of the cup pyramid.

Sister Apin and I have perfected this object lesson over the last few weeks: good scriptures and good questions at the right times. After finishing the entire lesson, Sister Apin asked, “So what does the restored church of Jesus Christ have that no one else has?” Annalyn, an investigator we have had for a long time said, “Well you guys all wear skirts. None of the other churches do. We just wear whatever and go.” Ay Nako?! [really?!]

But Christie, our other investigator (WHO COME TO CHURCH WITH HER WHOLE FAMILY!!), said “Salvation. The top cup is members, so if we don’t join with Christ in His church then we can’t expect to receive salvation.” Wow! Holy Cow! Their family is going to be baptized on Feb. 28th! I’m so excited for them.

SPEAKING OF BAPTISMS! Brother Bong and Sister Fe got baptized. Brother Bong got emotional in his testimony when he said, “First off, I want to thank Sister Apin and Sister Jackson for always coming to our house, no matter how hot the sun was. Whatever happened, they were always there.” He talked about how he knew he made the right choice, how he knew it was the right church and how he was doing it to be an example to his kids and how he hoped his kids and wife would join him. He said he was ready to do everything he needed to do to endure to the end. And very last he thanked Uncle Nards (a member) for being the reason he investigated the church because if he hadn't seen him living the gospel, he never would have been interested.

Sister Fe! Sister Apin and I were actually the first ones who taught her and she remembers! She said, “The first time I saw Sister Jackson I felt so happy inside. Then she invited me to join the lesson at Brother Bong’s house. It was such a different feeling. I just wanted more and more. Then she invited me to church and I haven’t missed a Sunday since (except the one that I was sick).

HUGE PAY-DAY as a missionary. Not just that they said thanks or that they got baptized. But that I get to be a part of someone else’s salvation! I feel so lucky to help others find their Savior. So blessed. I’m so sad to be leaving. Saying goodbye was really hard. We finished the lesson with Tatay Domingo and Nanay Luz. I got a little teary, but just said, “Let’s take a picture really fast.” Tatay started to cry a bit and I started to cry a lot then Nanay Luz (even the stoic, tough as nails Nanay Luz) started to cry. I hugged both Nanay and Tatay and I told Nanay Luz, “Nay, someday I will come back here and when I come back we are all going to church together, k?” She said, “Yes, yes, we will all go to church together.”

Christina followed us out down the street. She said, “I just wanted you to know that you were an answer to my prayers, I was praying to be able to find a true church so that I could help my family. I was praying to know how to help my kids. Then both of you came. I will never forget you. Sister Jackson, it wasn't an accident that we met you. We will never forget you.”

There are so many others that I love here. I could go on for days. People here are too kind. Later tonight we are going to Errol and Mamerto and Nanay Antonia. That’s going to be rough. I feel so loved though. The EFY song “That’s What I’m Taking with Me” has been stuck in my head all day. I will never forget these Agoo days. The best days of my mission.

OK! It’s getting way too heavy! Sometimes I forget to share my crazy life because I think I’m used to it. So…


·         When riding in a car is more exciting than standing on the back of the trike.
·         When a member tells us that for their Biology 101 class they found a stray cat, killed it, cut it open and took the voice box to school.  
·         When I accompany the branch in Sacrament Meeting. Yup, mom and Grandma Jackson – you told me the day would come that I would regret quitting piano and wish that I trusted you and stuck with it. That day happened yesterday when someone asked me to play 1 minute before church started. He had heard me the day before plunking out the tune “I feel my Savior’s Love” for the baptism and assumed I knew how to play. My dad taught me not to say no when people ask for help…I plunked out the right hand for all 4 hymns yesterday. Worst accompanist ever. We should have just sung Acapella.

DWORCZYKS! I was so stoked to get your package from Saudi Arabia!!! On my gosh! My companion and I LOVED the Canadian candies and I can’t wait to try the other stuff in my new area. You guys are the best. <3

Well! Stay tuned! More adventures to come next week. I've filled up a whole memory card with pictures. Hopefully I will fill up another one before the mission end.

Mahal Kita,

Sister J.  

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