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Tuesday, January 27, 2015


January 19, 2015

RAQUEL – we sat down and started helping her with her laundry before teaching and she said, “Guys, the kids are too crazy (her grandkids that she takes care of everyday). I think I’ll wait to go to church for a couple of years. Maybe 2 years from now I’ll try again.”Whaa?? Sister Apin did such a good job handling the situation. She just asked a bunch of questions. Why are they so crazy at church? What can we do to help them calm down? What do they like to do? etc. And she listened really well until she found the real reason. The kids always cry and throw fits because they want to go to sari sari stores and buy snacks during church. But Raquel has no job and no money – she takes care of the grandkids all day while the parents are at work. So, Sister Apin helped Raquel come up with a solution to her own problem. Save the extra change from the kids' lunch money each day and use that to buy snacks! Raquel thought that was a great idea. The only problem is she was going to buy the snacks on Sunday. We went back on Saturday afternoon and explained the Sabbath day. She bought the snacks Saturday afternoon and made it to church yesterday. #makeit

ELMA – was progressing so much. Last week she started praying to see if she should get baptized. She told us that the answer she received was that she needs to get her life together first, then she will go for it (this was last Friday). Then she didn’t come to church. Later she told us that she had decided to not come to our church, ever. She told us she is thankful for us because she has learned a lot and will continue to do everything we taught her, but she isn’t going to join the church. We tried everything; you name it, we tried it. Nothing worked. She said we could come teach her, but she wouldn’t come to church or get baptized. She got a little teary when we said goodbye. We told her to text us if she changed her mind and that we still loved her. #breakit

LUCBEN – last Saturday night I had a mighty prayer. I had read about when we can and can’t ask for signs in personal study that morning, so that night I basically said, “Heavenly Father, we have done the best we can with this family, but now we want to drop them because they haven’t come to church in a month and we haven’t been able to teach them for almost 3 weeks now. So, if they come to church tomorrow, we will keep teaching them. If not, we will drop them so that they can realize what they are missing and hopefully give the gospel a chance.” My companion and I were sitting up front at church last Sunday. We both were turned around, watching the people coming in. Sister Apin gasped. She said, “oh my gosh. Look!” guess who came? Lucbens. #makeit

BONG FANGONILO – after attending Errol’s baptism and hearing about one of his relatives preparing for baptism, he asked us on Wednesday if he could possible get baptized on the 24th of this month. We said yes! He said he wants to get baptized to be the example and guide for his children. #makeit

I ran out of time to tell you about another great investigator. I’ll tell you more next week.

I just want to end with a quick shout out to Grandma and Grandpa Anderson, the Parker family and the Brown family. Thank you so much for the packages. Grandma and Grandpa, I am still thinking about who to give the Books of Mormon to. Your Tagalog was great, by the way! Parkers, I decided to throw my “trunky diet” out the window. Why would I care about being skinny when I get home when I can eat cheesecake, fudge and cookies in the Philippines?! I haven’t showed my housemates the Bingo game yet. I’m waiting until this afternoon. I’m super excited to surprise them. Browns – thanks so much for sending the pictures and stories and mints! It was fun to see what you have been up to for the past year. YOU VISITED HIGHCLERE CASTLE WHERE DOWNTON ABBEY IS FILMED!? Oh my gosh!

Anyway, I love you all. Hope everyone has a fantastic week. I can’t wait to tell you about Bro. Bong’s baptism. 

Sister Fe Castillo and her grandson - I'll tell you more about them next week

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