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Tuesday, February 17, 2015


February 2, 2015

Yep. Shocking, right? I’m back. I was assigned to Burnham 1st ward before and now I’m assigned to Burnham 2nd. Dad, you would love my apartment. I've nicknamed it “the cave.” It’s literally a cave but I can’t call it a man-cave because it’s missing all the essentials like a big screen TV and a Foosball table and whatever else man-caves should have. I've been deep cleaning when I have spare time. You’d be proud mom. My companion gave me a backhanded compliment, “Wow! Sister Jackson you are so diligent. I've never seen Americans clean like that.” Hey, don’t be hating on my people! Ha ha! I know she didn't mean it like that.

Not gonna lie, it’s an adjustment coming back. There are SO many people. And so much stuff. It’s crazy. I can’t even image the culture shock I’ll have when I get back home. I’m FREEZING cold all the time – sweatshirts, pj pants, leggings, hoods, etc. Too bad I gave all my cardigans away when I first got transferred…I was like, “I’m not coming back here!”

I miss Agoo. On the plus side, church is stress free. We don’t have any investigators come… no one to worry about! ;) Even though Agoo had its hard things too, I miss my people. Ordinarios. Fangonilos. I even miss the heat! (I never would have thought that I would feel that way!)

I told Sister Apin, I will go anywhere, but I don’t really want to go back to Baguio and I really don’t want to be a Sister Training Leader. Ha ha. Both happened. For reals. Oh my gosh. I've been singing “I’ll go where you want me to go dear Lord” in my head. All the time. I sort of feel Heavenly Father chuckling at me right now.

I miss Sister Apin. The sad news is that we got pulled out – she got transferred too. Good news is that she is in La Trinadad so I might run into her today in Baguio! But I’m worried for our people. I hope the new missionaries there can keep up with everything we have started. Does that sound prideful?? I don’t mean it to be. We just have a lot of progressing people there – I hope no one falls through the cracks!

I guess the ultimate downer is the Kadatar family wasn't at church on Sunday. They were the one baptism in Burnham 1…I asked the Bishop’s wife…she said she hasn't seen them in a long time. Great. I feel like a failure. Back to those days where only Macdo can make it better.

Here’s to the end of the saddest letter EVER. I’m so sorry. I’ll work on having some fun next week so I can have something happy to write about.


·         I will see Sister Beckham at MLC (Mission Leadership Council) tomorrow
·         There is a Macdo here
·         I’m gonna find, teach, and baptize like there’s no tomorrow

Stay with me. Great things are about to happen! 
Till next week…ingat!
Sister J

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