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Tuesday, February 17, 2015


February 16, 2015

It’s been a great week. I went on my first exchanges. Best compliment EVER – towards the end of the day Sister Magaliano said, “Huh, it doesn’t feel like I’m on exchanges with a Sister Training Leader. We are having WAY too much fun!” YES!

I learned so much though in those 2 days. Sister Magaliano is so kind. Just so genuine. So happy. So giving. I hope I can be more like her. She was just so eager to learn and improve. I worked with Sister Hudson the next day. She is so diligent. Especially with learning the language. I need to have language study…I’ve been getting too complacent with what I’ve learned so far.

So that was Tuesday and Wednesday. These missionaries are assigned in my old ward, by the way, but not my old area. But then on Thursday I went with the Elders assigned in my old area!! They still haven’t been able to find where some of the less actives live. It was SUPER weird to climb those mountains again. Same steps. Familiar faces. Some people have moved – like Angie and Hanna. Some people have gotten super hard-hearted. BUT! Guess who I ran into!?!? Rowena Baysic. I gave her a giant hug right there on the side of the road. She was on her way up to pick her kids up from school. She said they would try to make it to church. (It didn’t happen…sayan…)

Basically, I got to spend half of my week in Burnham 1st ward. Woohoo! It was great to see familiar faces and meet so many new people and make new friends.

Valentine’s day! I decorated the cave (our apartment) with all the decorations you sent me mom. I kept our traditions alive and made pink pancakes for all the sisters in the zone. It was super great. Bonding. On the floor (because we don’t have any chairs).

Of course, shout out to my boyfriend – it being Valentine’s day and all.  

Sister J   

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