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Monday, July 28, 2014


(kanya = him/her, atin = we/us, yo/inyo = you, akin = I/me)

Surprise! NEW HAIR! I got it Rebonded. I love it! My hair isn’t falling out in chunks anymore and it’s super easy to do. SCORE! The only bummer is the bakla who dyed my hair didn’t dye the roots…even though that’s all I needed dyed…oh well! Ya can’t have it all!

This week I learned a knew phrase “bagay sa yo!” or “that looks good on you,” or “that suits you.” I realized this applies to a lot of things in life – not just hair. We were teaching Coleen, one of our investigators, about the Kingdoms of Glory and my companion asked her which kingdom she wants to go to. She said, “The Terrestrial Kingdom. It seems like I’ll fit in there. I am not really interested in doing all those requirements to get to the Celestial Kingdom.” She decided that The Terrestrial Kingdom was “bagay sa kanya” and at first I was a little bit surprised. But, then I realized, we all have moments when we choose Terrestrial or when Terrestrial is “bagay sa atin.” Through our little daily choices we decide whether The Celestial Kingdom or The Terrestrial Kingdom will be “bagay sa atin.” I hope we can all live every day so that The Celestial Kingdom becomes “bagay sa atin.”

You know what else is “bagay sa akin”? Hospitals. Don’t worry! I wasn’t the patient this time! We went to a hospital to visit the daughter of a member of our church. The daughter had dengue. She was there for 5 days. So sad! We went on Tuesday night right when we found out she was in the hospital, then we came back on Wednesday afternoon with a lil’ fruit basket and crackers and stuff because on Tuesday it didn’t look like they had much food! We taught them last night and they seem to be doing well now. Oh my goodness – the difference between a private hospital and a public hospital. It was so kawawa! Beds were all over the place. I saw a poor little toddler - his IV fell out of the vein and blood was going up the cord, and he was sitting there bawling. Just sobbing. I went and got a nurse to help him. It was so so kawawa! I am so grateful I was at Notre Dame Hospital.

“BAGAY SA AKIN” *sarcastic* moments:

I’m talking to the member working with us at the top of the stairs, gesturing, telling some weird story, I forget… The stairs here sometimes get really slippery because they get this green slimy stuff on them from all the water/pee  …so I took a half step backward, slipped on the green stuff, and almost fell backwards down the stairs, but the fellowshipper grabbed one of my arms and my companion grabbed the other. Yep. Classic for me. Bagay sa akin. 

We were running late to meet a ward member at the house of one of our less active member’s. Their “house” is in a compound with a lot of houses. Some of them belong to their adult children, some belong to some cousins. Anyway, to avoid the hassle of checking every house (we never know where they are) we just asked some guys, maybe nephews, where the people were. They pointed to a house and said that they also had visitors. Sweet! Got ‘em! So we hustled over there, knocked on the door, and I ran in before they even said “pasok.” To my surprise, there were two, not just one, members sitting on the couch. Neither of them looked familiar but I only talked to the person at church for about twenty seconds, so I figured I just forgot what she looked like. I was very apologetic, “I’m so sorry we are late! How are you? How long have you been waiting?” etc. My companion was pretty quiet. The two ladies on the couch were just GLARING at me. I was thinking, “Dang man! Why so serious? We’re not that late!” Anyway, they said they wanted to close with a prayer. Again, I’m a lil’ slow, thinking “Oh! They already shared the VT message? That was fast!” We all started praying, and I couldn’t hear what they were saying cause the rain was so loud. But I could feel my companion staring at me. She whispered, “They are missionaries from ----- church!” OH MY GOSH! I’M SO DUMB! Turns out the church member we were looking for was in another house. I went to the completely wrong house!…oops…Bagay sa akin.

Anyway, we had a lovely week, and I am looking forward to the next 9 MONTHS! I can't believe I'm already "9 months along!" Haha, is this bagay sa akin? I think it just looks a lil' freaky!

This water was totally FLOODED one night this week. It was dark; we couldn't see, so we just walked through it. Remember the movie, "The Pacifier"? Yeah. That's what I smelled like. Sewage. Nasty. I didn't realize everyone's poop flooded into it too.  

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