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Friday, July 4, 2014

It was a great week!

This week wasn’t super eventful or anything (sorry if this post is a little dry), but stay tuned because we encountered some crazy dogs, taught great lessons, and exciting things happened at church!

It was Wednesday – my second full day out working since being sick – and I still wasn’t feeling quite up to par. My companion and I were tracting, and turned to walk down a really narrow road bordered by cement walls of houses. Tied to one of the houses was a massive dog. My companion is scared of dogs and it saw us, started barking, and right when I was in the middle of saying, “It’s ok, look, it’s tied up.” The dog JUMPED at us, the tie BROKE and my companion’s first instinct was to run/jump into the opposite wall. She cut her shoulder (not too bad though). My first instinct wasn’t much better. I stood my ground (don’t show fear?) and opened my automatic umbrella at him. I don’t think either of our tactics worked. We are just lucky the dog went the other way and a close by neighbor called us over to get inside the protection of her gate. She didn’t want to hear our message, but it was nice of her to let us wait inside her gate while the other neighbors chased down the crazy dog.

Another day a harmless but super muddy dog jumped all over me. It was not my week with dogs.

We had a super fun ward party this week! We played awesome pinoy games. I really want to have a pinoy games (and food of course) party at Fisher’s Landing Ward next year my friends! It will be the BEST ward party ever! At the party, I realized I will be a classic, super awkward returned missionary because the Minute-to-Win-It type games felt super intimate to me for some reason. What the?! I’m awkward already!

We taught Marcilina – a 75 year old lady twice this week. She is less active but she has been less active for so long, she is practically an investigator. The lessons with her are usually pretty basic, but she always reads her Ilocano Book of Mormon. So funny – since day one any time we teach something and can tell she understands she answers with “siguro” or “maybe.” (I do a really good Marcilina impression, but for now…you’ll just have to imagine her.) Anyway, she is having a hard time understanding the apostasy and the need for a restoration. I brought that cup object lesson you sent me mom, and for some reason it just clicked with her. It was the first time she said “yeah” instead of “maybe.” Our second lesson with her, we read Moroni 6:4-5 with her. After she finished reading, we waited, and then asked her what she understood and she said, “God wants me to go to church.” Wow! Progress! But, she did not come to church this week. If I am still in the area this transfer, I hope we can get her to church.  

We had so many people, not just Marcilina, commit to come to church. We were so excited. It’s been hard the last few weeks to have nobody come. No fruits to our labors. I honestly can’t even imagine how hard a European mission would be – for that reason alone. Anyway, we watched as the other missionaries in our ward brought families of investigators to church, reactivated members, and have baptisms, etc. While I am so, so happy for them, I also want the people in my area to experience the joy and blessings that come from keeping the commandments. My hopes were dashed slowly as Sacrament Meeting went on and nobody came. I am not going to lie, I got a little teary-eyed and passed my companion a note that said, “Gusto ko umiak.” [I want to cry.] Then, as we were getting out our hymn books to sing the closing hymn, my companion started smacking me frantically. I didn’t dare to hope…but I looked up and saw SISTER LORENZO CAME! (Mom, she is the “strawberry lady” I told you about on Mother’s Day.) Oh my goodness. I was so happy. Doctrine and Covenants 18:5 We haven’t made it to the kingdom of God yet, but I can already feel how true this scripture is. :)

Well, I am still having some health struggles, but it’s ok. I will be fine. Thanks for all the love and support! Love you all!


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