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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

My experience at the orphanage

On Saturday, Sister Campos and I got permission from President Balledos to crash the youth activity that morning because we had a youth investigator who wanted to go, but didn’t really know anyone. So, we went to her house Saturday morning (let me tell you, climbing hills is WAY easier in jeans!) all three of us went to the meeting point then the ward rented a jeepney and we all pilled on. It was a super tight squeeze with all the people and boxes of donations. The pictures don’t really do it justice.
When we got to the orphanage most of the kids were in their playroom playing with a group that had scheduled the time…oops…guess we missed that memo. The other group was very gracious and let us sing a couple of primary songs and mingle for a few mins. before we went on a tour of the orphanage and the other group continued their activities. For the children’s safety, we could only take pictures if their faces weren’t in them.

Mom, I know what job you would have if you lived here in the Pines. Dad, you’d probably want this job too. Haha. We saw the nursery – a room lined with cribs with bare walls and colored foam on the floor. The nurse/worker on duty went from crib to crib holding each baby for a few mins. My heart just broke. I wanted to go in there and hold all of those babies. But, that’s definitely not allowed. First of all because I didn’t bring a background check. Secondly, because I am a missionary – can’t hold babies. Not even orphaned babies.
I had to walk a little ways away and have a little cry. (The stats poster on the wall suddenly became very interesting.) Don’t get me wrong, these kids were happy. Their facilities were clean. All of them had complete, clean outfits on. All of them had socks and shoes on. All of them had their hair done. They are probably better off temporarily than a lot of the kids I see in my area. But they don’t have a family. Especially now after being away from my family for so long, I realize how much we all NEED families. They are the people that know you but love you anyway – no matter what. They are the people you can always count on. They are the people who celebrate your birthday, who help you out when you have too much on your plate. You grow up together and – at least for me – with the years and distance, become closer.

I am so grateful for the blessings in my life. And the trials in my life. They are all so doable. I have really just been so blessed.


Alright! Quick update on the work.
The investigator who came with us is really progressing. She came with us to the activity, and then one of the Young Women invited her to lunch afterwards – SO NICE OF HER – and the two of them really became quick friends. They both came to the baptism in our ward later that day. So great! The next morning when we picked her up for church she told me, “I had such a great day yesterday!” I asked her what her favorite part was. She said, “The orphanage. And the baptism.” I can tell – she felt the spirit at the baptism. Her family is slowly progressing too.

The investigator who is the girlfriend of the returned missionary is doing super well! She has been to church 8 times now! She said, “My week is just different when I come here. And I find myself looking forward to Sunday, wishing it was Sunday every day, so that I can come back and feel the spirit again.” WOW! I wish we all had such a good attitude. And strong testimonies. The only thing holding her back from baptism – we have to finish all the lessons.    

Love and miss you family! My Jackson family, my Penn-Anderson family, my Parker family, my Fisher’s Landing Ward family – how did I get so blessed with so much family? Thanks for sending me letters or shooting me an email. You don’t know how much it means to me!

Us being silly in the area....

We said we would walk up half the giant hill then take some pics, then walk up the other half :)
Nice motivation!

Our [previous] Bishop and his family
In my area

In my area at a Korean restaurant. They had costumes that we could dress up in. It was super fun. I have to squat awkwardly in all my pics with Sis. Campos because I am so much taller than her. haha

The Korean food place was way fun! I am glad I have such a cute companion that will go with me!

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