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Friday, July 25, 2014

And the lamest missionary award goes to…

July 14, 2014

Well, I wish I had a good week to report on… but I literally stayed home sleeping all week. My poor companion is so antsy! I did make it to church and back- then crashed and slept for 3 and half hours- despite the dogs and roosters going CRAZY right outside my window. I’m so kawawa.

My companion is the best. She is so cute. She keeps making me eat even though I don’t want to. She tries to make food look more appealing to me… “Sister Jackson! Look at this banana! It’s so delicious! It’s healthy! You will love it!” Ha ha the only way she could actually get me to eat is by only letting me take my pain killers after I eat. She is so good. We’ve had a lot of funny conversations lately.  One afternoon I taught her why some people have blue eyes and some people have brown eyes. She answered all sorts of random questions I have had about the Philippines.

Monong  Bien, our kind, crazy, super nice, super harmless caretaker at our apartment stopped by our window this morning. He was talking about all the missionaries that have left and how they are so nice. I asked him if anyone has ever given him a pamphlet. He said no. So I gave him a pamphlet, told him it’s the reason why all the nice missionaries are here, and invited him to read it. I also told him he can ask any questions after he reads it. He looked at the cover and said “Oh! That’s Jesus!” then gestured to his beard and said, “Hey! I’m Jesus!” not quite… ha ha that was my missionary work for the week and it felt SO good! :)

People have been so nice going on exchanges with Sister Campos and me so that, even if it’s just a couple hours, she is still able to work in our area. I have been companions with Sister Hatch, Morrill, Dizon, Tune, and Mortell this week. They have all taken such good care of me!

Thank you for all the prayers. I really feel myself becoming stronger and stronger every day. I only woke up last night ONCE because of a stomach ache! Miracles do happen! I am going to hurry home now, sleep the rest of the P-Day and HOPEFULLY work tomorrow. Love you all!
The one picture I took this week - Monong Bien

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