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Friday, September 5, 2014

Dad – this week was the breakthrough week

September 1, 2014

For the last couple months in your emails, dad, you’ve been saying you feel like I should have a breakthrough in this area anytime…Well IT FINALLY HAPPENED!! Sadly, STILL, not a single person we teach came to church. Story of my life…BUT I will just write this as if it is Saturday night. Because that’s a happier ending!

Family B – my favorite! We got to teach Mama B on Friday morning and we were able to resolve a lot of concerns. She isn’t super devoted to Iglesia (the church the second oldest daughter recently joined). She said it kinda freaks her out when they pray – all the “Amen!” and “Opo!” and crying. She told us that she tells her daughter she should just go with their oldest to the Mormon Church. Yay! We got Mama B on our side.

Her concern is really prayer. Mama B feels like when she prays it means nothing. Like she is just talking to the wall. She has tried a few different ways of praying but we invited her to really pray from the heart and see what happens. J

We also FINALLY met Papa B! Mama B and all the kiddos really wanted him to join in the lesson, but he just passed by on his way out. He did shake our hands though. Baby steps.

The parents from Family B have a little trip on Sunday, but all of the kids said they will still come to church! We planned a FHE with them on Monday night so that should be fun!

Family H – Mama H (pregnant with their first) is a less active member of our church. Papa H is an investigator. We haven’t taught them in FOREVER because whenever we have stopped by no one was home. And no one would return our texts. Well, turns out they got new phones. Also, our last lesson with them was about Joseph Smith. They prayed together to know if what we taught was true. They really felt the spirit when they prayed and believe that Joseph Smith was a prophet. They wanted to go to church these last few weeks, but weren’t sure where it was. They stood outside the gate thinking that it was right…maybe? But, since they weren’t sure, they just went to the cathedral. We only talked to Mama H (Papa H wasn’t home) but they will both for sure come this Sunday!

Family K – Mama K is less active; Papa K belongs to Iglesia. They have 2 kids – one 13 year old boy, one 21 year old girl who is married and has a baby. We went with the Bishop to visit them. Turns out I think Daughter K is a little CRAY-CRAY! Just a little though. That’s always awk… *Before the visit* “Bishop, if you have time Thursday evening, we would love it if you could come with us to visit one of our investigators that really has potential!” *After visit* “Sorry about that Bishop. We didn’t know she was crazy.” Anyway, we taught a good lesson, she just kept interrupting with long comments that made no sense. But, they are all super excited to come to church on Sunday! Except Papa K. He can’t. The pastor of his church is also his boss and he will lose his job if he attends another church. (I had such an American reaction when we found this out… Urgh it still urks me!) Papa K hasn’t even sat in on any lessons.
Family D – part member/less-active as well. Mama D is the investigator. They have been taught by the missionaries for a year and a half. We watched the restoration video with them a few visits ago (borrowed it from my housemate). Mama D prayed to know if Joseph Smith was a true prophet…YES! And she agreed to be baptized on October 4th. Sadly, she will be attending a funeral this Sunday so will not be able to come to church. But Papa D will be there.

So many breakthroughs, right dad? The area is progressing. My companion is the best! We are working hard and improving a lot. What else could I ask for? (People to come to church. That would be nice.)

I got mail this week! Thanks fam and Andersons! Also mom, your Thank You card to my companion made her so happy. She taped it into her Book of Remembrance. Thanks for making Sister Campos’ day!

Love you Whit! Can't believe you are so old!! Don't break too many hearts! Love you TO PLUTO AND BACK!

Our District! One Elder is going home today. WOW!

I love running into this girl. It's oddly like "home" whenever I do!

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