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Monday, September 8, 2014

Understanding is Key

As Sister Campos and I are trying to focus on improving our teaching skills this week, I really noticed how important it is for people to understand the message. If they don’t understand, what’s the point? It’s so important that we as missionaries teach in a way that people will understand.

Nanay A – a cute less active lady in our area – was really impacted by our lesson this week about pre-mortal life. Poor lady, so many of her kids have died tragically. One died of cancer, one was hit by a car, one committed suicide. Another one died too – I forget how. A member told us that’s why she stopped coming to church – she blames God for all the tragic deaths of her children. She is such a kind grandma though – I love teaching her. She used to not even let us in so we have made LOTS of progress. Anyway, when we were teaching Nanay A about pre-earth life she was amazed! She kept saying, “Wow! I didn't know we lived with God before we came to earth!” and “He gave us a plan? Wow!” “We are His spirit children?” It was so refreshing to teach someone who actually really understood what we were talking about.

Sister Campos and I did a lot of tracting this week. One house we were let in right away. We were super surprised! Then the owners saw our name tags and said, “Wait. What religion are you?” They thought we were Jehovah’s Witnesses, that’s why they let us in! :) Well, we still shared a short message about prophets and told them God continues to call prophets today. We thought they understood our message…turns out they didn't really because in her closing prayer the gal said, “Thanks for sending these 3 prophets to our home.” (We were working with Mimi.) “Please guide these three prophets…Strengthen these prophets.” I opened my eyes in surprise when she first mentioned prophets. So did Mimi. We made eye contact. Then I totally lost it and had that awful inappropriate laugh the rest of the prayer. I’m such a bad missionary!

Understanding is also important for missionaries. Sister Campos and I had a pretty awful week. It felt like all those breakthroughs I wrote about last week just plummeted. I totally jinxed everything. Anyway, one night we went out to MacDo for dinner because we both felt like only ice cream and cheeseburgers could cheer us up. We both sat down and waited in silence for a few seconds, then said at the same time, “I just wanna cry!”

I need to remember I don’t understand everything right now. But everything that is happening is for a reason – even if the reason is so I can learn to adapt healthy stress-coping habits. I shouldn't be eating at MacDo everyday! It’s ok, things will be better in the end. Since it’s not better now it must not be the end yet. :)

Fun outing with Mimi. She was here In Baguio City for school, and is now home preparing for her mission. She wants to come back to visit before I get transferred. She will be a great missionary!

P-day parade! Super fun time last week!

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