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Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Crazy, the Kind, and Keeping Things Interesting.

August 25, 2014

CRAZY! Divine Grace: We met her at on investigator’s house. She was crazy-crying. Her only son’s name is Christian. She is really devoted to her church—which is great! She was just a lil bit mean to us… and between her rude comments she would say, “I respect you!  We have respect for you,” then go on to say COMPLETELY disrespectful things. She also claims, “I am open to everyone.” When everything else she said just bashed us. Oh man! We have had lots of Bible bashers before, but this lady did it with a smile that reminded me of Professor Umbridge. She also informed us that we are prophets because we “step on snakes and beat evil” and lots of other gems which I sadly can’t remember…next time malang!

KIND! Lola: We knocked on her door and she let us in right away. She said, “Call me Lola, my children.” So cute. She was talking to us, telling us she appreciates our walking every day in the heavy rain so that people can hear our message. She said she could tell we were servants of God. Then part way through she paused, turned to me and said, “Why are you here?  You are WHITE!” Ha ha, yes I’m American. :) Then she went on to say how white people are so kind and charitable and how she admires us (which made me feel all uncomfortable…). She also told us a bit about her childhood. She grew up in the “mountains” where people “didn’t know about Jesus or the Bible.” She said out of all 8 siblings she was the only one who went to school cause her parents didn’t want them to go. (I still quite don’t understand why). So her parents would only give them breakfast unless they stayed home. So she would eat and then when they weren’t paying attention, sneak out and go to school. I guess this no-breakfast-if-you-go-to-school tactic was popular among parents in their little village because the police came through and confiscated everyone’s cooking pots and took them to the school so people could only eat if they went to school! Her only son is blind.  He does blind massages for a living. Wow!  Anyway, she was super nice and as we left my companion said, “I feel uplifted!”  It’s true.  I love Lola.

KEEPING THINGS INTERESTING: Thanks to the Dworczyks for the awesome glasses and noses! One night this week we got home earlier than our housemates so I hid in their room and jumped out and scared them before they could even turn on the light! Sister Campos and I took a couple of pictures while we were waiting for them to get home.--I think she looks scarier than me!

So a little bit more about the work. Sorry I haven’t been writing much about it…it’s just a little bit sad. Discouraging lately.

Some good news though. Angie. Remember her? A member came with us to teach her and made such a difference. We found out that her concerns really could be resolved with The Plan of Salvation so we are going to focus there. She also shared that one day she was looking through books at a bookstore. She started reading one because she thought it was about God. Turned out to be an atheist book though. It planted a lot of doubts and questions in her, and she said she just didn’t feel good. “But later that afternoon is when Sister Jackson came over and talked to me.”

I feel so blessed and humbled to be trusted by the Lord. I am humbled by what she shared with me. Even though the work has been a little discouraging lately, the real purpose – inviting others to come unto Christ – is happening. And it’s so great to have a front row seat to the little miracles that happen as people come unto Christ.


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