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Thursday, September 18, 2014


Can I just start off by saying…WE FINALLY HAD AN INVESTIGATOR AT SACRAMENT MEETING!! It was actually not anyone from the “breakthrough” 2 weeks ago. It was Agata. Have I written about her? I think so. I’ll just tell the whole story again.

Agata doesn’t know how old she is. She is either 61 or 62 because her oldest child is 42. She doesn’t know her birthday. She doesn’t know how to read. She speaks very little Tagalog – mostly just Ilocano. She is one of the kindest people I have ever met. She has the biggest heart. She is so humble and generous. She has 6 kids and really recognized the importance of education although she was never able to go to school. She worked in Burnham Park everyday super early in the morning in order to sell all her fruit for the day. All six of her kids graduated from college. All six are now working professionally. She has their graduation pictures and degrees proudly displayed in her home.

We met Agata because Sister Campos and I were punted. She went and bought fish from a sari-sari store and tried talking to the owner, and I went to a store across the path. I sat down on a step and started talking to the owner. She said, “Hey, I’m gonna take a snack break. Wanna come home with me and eat?” Agata welcomed us into her house, fed us cinnamon bread, and was happy to hear our message.

We teach Agata either inside her store or at her home. I have always felt sorta guilty going to teach her…she is just so nice it feels like we are taking a break. And, when we met her I faithlessly thought, “She’s not going to understand our Tagalog-Ilocano mix. We should probably teach someone else…”
*cue my repentance*

 Agata, full of faith, always said, “I don’t understand everything. But the Lord understands. And He tells me what you are trying to say, right here” [gesturing to her heart].

Agata looks through the pamphlet at all the pictures if she doesn’t have customers. She proudly explained to Sister Campos and me the whole Restoration – what she had interpreted from the pictures. My favorite explanation was from the picture she showed us of Joseph Smith and the first vision. She said, “Because of this, we know that there is a God. And there is Jesus.”

Before we could even start the lesson she was super excited to tell us about what happened when she prayed to know. She said, “I did it. I prayed like you asked. I asked God if He was real. I felt it here. I know that He is there. I felt it. It was so beautiful. Just like you said.” Her simple testimony – so sincere – so happy – really touched me. Sister Campos then asked, “Agata, is there one true church?” and Agata replied "YES!" Then we waited expectantly…”YOU!”

Agata came to church this Sunday. We practically ran up the mountain so that we would be on time picking her up. She wore her hat and her Sunday best. Ward members were so kind to translate everything into Ilocano. I am so happy she had a good experience.

*Side bar* This is my last letter as a teenager. Whaa?? But, as Sister Smith pointed out (cause I saw her on Friday for the first time since we got to the Philippines) our teenage years ended when we entered the MTC. I still can’t believe I’m almost 20 though. Wow! Also on Friday at the tri-zone conference I received all sorts of packages! Thanks so much family! (Mom and Dad, Gma and Gpa J, Gma and Gpa A) I’m waiting until Friday to open them, but it’s KILLING ME! I feel so loved though. Y’all are the BEST!

Farewell childhood. I am entering my early 20s this week.
It’s been real. J


So fun to see Sister Smith again!

"Perfect Sunday" 
Because of the typhoon, we all had to come home early Sunday night. I cooked up the pasta you sent me AGES ago mom (I was saving it for a rainy day). We all played games and painted our nails! It was super fun!!

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