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Saturday, August 30, 2014


August 18, 2014

So, I’m still in the same area. That means I will be here for at least 6 months… 1/3 of my mission! Don’t get me wrong – I love Baguio. And my area. But I’ve been feeling kind of frustrated lately with the lack of progress. And I really felt like I was going to get transferred (looking back…probably just wishful thinking!) Instead of feeling down about the lack of progress, Sister Campos and I went finding. Super intensely! We climbed so many stairs, met TONS of people, and have a few stories to show for it:

·         I asked one man how many kids he has. He replied, “Uh…maybe three?” Huh?! “children” is kinda something that we should all have an exact number of…

·         Catalina! She is like 48 or something and has a 4 year old and a 6 year old!!! She told us, “I don’t have menopause! I am doing family planning now.” Oh man! That’s brutal! What’s worse though is that she said, “I just had them here at home. I didn’t want to go to the hospital cause at the hospital once they see the head they just start cutting you! I don’t want that! No way! So I just have them here.” I said, “Oh, yeah, with a midwife?” “No, only me.” “WHAT!? But your husband was here?!” “No, he was at work…” “WHAT!?” Sister Campos was also shocked. She asked, “But who cut the umbilical cord??” Catalina replied, “Me!” “WHAT!?” (I’m such a spaz!) Sister Campos, being the pharmacist she is, asked about vaccines and tests. Catalina said, “Yeah, I took them to the hospital and said, “Here is my baby! I just had her. Is she ok?” Oh my goodness! The hospital people said, “Don’t do that again – you are too old for that! What would you do if you had complications?! You could have died!” Catalina explained, “Naw, I wouldn’t have died. I would have just yelled for one of my neighbors and they would have gotten a taxi for me and I would have been fine.

·         Best moment: When I started talking to someone at a sari-sari store window and they stopped me and said, “Hey. I’m gonna take a break from the store. Come with me to my house and I will give you food.” Before the mission this situation would be STRANGER-DANGER! But it made my day today! Missionaries love to go to stranger’s houses and eat stranger’s food (don’t worry, it came out of a wrapper so I won’t get amebiasis again!)

·         We went to a lady’s house who we had taught at a sari-sari store once. We were on our way to an appointment and stopped to say hi and she invited us in. Then she told us that “Miss Jackson” had taught her before. At her employer’s house. Sister Campos was not with me. (I have no recollection of that.) There were no lights on, so I just probably didn’t notice her, she explained. What the?! First off, I’ve been with Sister Campos every day for the last 3 months! Secondly, I don’t remember teaching anyone in the dark! Weird. I still can’t figure out what she was talking about.

·         At the end of our longest finding day (I wish I had a pedometer to tell you how far we walked – up and down 3 mountains talking to people!) we had one set appointment that night at 7:30. So we went in, sat down, chatted for a bit, then I announced that I would say the opening prayer. I closed my eyes, folded my arms and said, “My name is…” Waaay to much finding! I couldn’t even remember how to pray. I totally lost it – Sister Campos had to pray cause I was laughing so hard.


·         I make KILLER no-bake cookies. I’ll have to put that one on my resume. Seriously though, these cookies are to die for!

·         I am still TERRIFIED of mice. Yep. Last night at a member’s house a mouse rand across the floor toward me. I was standing on a chair lightning fast, and sat with my feet tucked up on the chair the whole evening. I have GOT to get over my fear – I’m such a spaz!

·         Even though I am an “old” missionary, I still LOVE getting letters. Thanks Sherwins, Dworczyks, Andersons, Momma, Em, Whit, Toby and Erika. You da best! I’m working on letters for all of ya!

Love you all so much! Have a wonderful week!

It finally stopped raining enough that we could go to the fun center on preparation day!
We went back to the Korean restaurant with our new housemate
These twins and their cousin remind me of me, McKenna and Paige. So cute! :)


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