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Monday, June 9, 2014

Mountains, Mice and Miracles

May 26, 2014

I have a new companion! Her name is Sister Campos, she is so adorable and sweet and I love her. Our area is called “camp” so she is literally PERFECT for the area (hence, “perfect” in today’s title). We get along super well and she is really easy going. And a hard worker. Love it!

So. Mice. Monday night I was downstairs walking to the toaster oven to heat up some leftover eggs when I stepped on something small that made a “Crunch…squeak…squeak…skuttle…skuttle” AHH! It was a MOUSE! And it was surprisingly fast even after I stepped on it. (Aunt Heidi, all of the traps you sent me are set up around my house…who knew it was more probable for me to step on a mouse than for it to get caught in one of 10+ traps!?) Naturally I ran screaming to the closest chair and stood on it FREAKING OUT until my housemates calmed me down enough to explain what had happened. Sister Mortell told me later it was actually her first reaction upstairs to run in her room and slam the door closed when she heard me screaming. But, she quickly realized what she was doing and hurried downstairs to help me.

So, I thought it ran under the fridge…we moved the fridge…no mouse. People in my house kind of forgot about it…I was still a lil’ traumatized (at night, every move of my companion makes the bunk bed squeak – I kept waking up all night!)until Sunday when we opened the closet down under the stairs and it smelled AWFUL! We pulled out all of the suitcases and plastic grocery bags and while Sister Mortell and I were screaming and freaking out our companions found the mouse, picked it up, threw it away and bleached the floor like BEASTS! I’m so lucky.

Sister Campos is a miracle worker. Her first night, even though we were only teaching from 5-8:30 (she didn’t arrive until 5) AMAZING THINGS HAPPENED! We have on part member family we have been teaching for a while. The kids all want to get baptized and are ready, but their dad isn’t super excited about the idea. We have never been able to teach the whole family because the dad is always gone. BUT! HE WAS HOME!! We taught them. It was so beautiful. Their dad committed to family prayer AND to come to CHURCH with them! (There was some sort of emergency, so he couldn’t come, but baby steps!)

Also, Sister Marcilina. I love her. She was actually  my very first lesson here in Baguio. When I first taught her she was sorta grumpy…but now she is all smiles! She always has the best questions for us. She tell us, “I just want to know the truth.” Also, “Don’t rush me. I’ll take it one step at a time.” When Sister Campos invited her to church, she said she would come next week!

Good news: Sister Dizon moved up! She is in Baguio! Bad news: she said my Tagalog got way worse – grammar, accent – everything. DANG MAN! Hopefully Sister Campos can rescue my Tagalog.

Thank you so much for the packages! Dunnaways – the clothes are so great! Seriously so perfect! And I love the pictures and letters! I will hang them up on my wall at home! Great-Grandma Edna and Judi Tenney – best snacks and food ever! My housemates and I are so thankful! We will be feasting this transfer! Chicken burritos, pasta salad, apple sauce, Cheezits, Ritz, Propel…You’re the best!

Thank you all for all of the prayers, letters and love! I’m so happy to be a missionary now. Life is great!


My lovely new companion, Sister Campos
Mommy Bennitt! She is the best. She feeds us delicious food every Sunday and I love talking with her and hearing her testimony. We leave spiritually and physically fed every Sunday!
So glad this crazy lady lives close to me again!

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