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Friday, June 13, 2014

Kawawa naman kami (We are so pitiful)

June 9, 2014

We had a TON of rain this week! A TON! I found out my umbrella has approximately 24 leaks in it (I will be buying a new one). I was going to take a picture of how wet I was, but I realized that almost none of my clothes were dry, so you wouldn’t even be able to tell. Just take a cold shower in church clothes if you are wondering what life is like here in Baguio.

I love the rain though. It starts every day at about 2 o’clock and I just walk around grinning and laughing. Pacific Northwest Girl! Also, I’m definitely my mom’s daughter. I saw a full grown man with a plastic bag on his head skipping/running down the hill in a huge rainstorm. He tripped and almost fell! I saw, my companion saw, some girls walking up the hill saw…their reactions were gasps and, “Are you ok?!” Mine…I burst out laughing! Super loud! I couldn’t help it. (Exactly what my mom would do!) We had been walking in the rain for 8 hours by this time. I was super slap-happy. Also, mom, I kept sneezing this week. I realized my sneeze sounds just like yours because the first time I sneezed I started looking around wildly, “What?! Where’s my mom?!”

Not only is rain great for comic relief, but it’s also good for members of our church who are less active. We look so kawawa (pitiful) that they let us in. It’s really great! Kind of funny, mostly just kawawa, one older lady cried, explaining that she doesn’t feel clean – that she makes mistakes every day and isn’t ready to meet God. We had a GREAT lesson about the sacrament, but after I asked, “Will you come and partake the sacrament tomorrow to become clean?’ she replied, “Oh! They have that at the church around the corner! I’m not going back to your church!” Well…missed that one kawawa kami.

When teaching some new investigators, we explained that God restored His church again on the earth through the Prophet Joseph Smith and there is a living prophet on the earth today. We asked, “Ano nasa isipin ninyo?” or “What are you thinking?” They said, “Oh! We’re the same. All churches are the same. One God, we use the Bible. We’re just the same.” UH…kawawa naman po kami!

Don’t get me wrong, we had some GREAT moments, I just don’t want to jinx them! I feel like whenever I write about them…Nora, Jocelyn…then they quit letting us in! BUT! Saturday we have a baptism. I’m so excited! I will send pics next week. Also, ANGIE CAME TO CHURCH AGAIN! YAY!!

Mom and Dad – I got the shoes and the tummy/knee package this week. Thank you so much! The shoes came just in time - I have tread again cause it’s super slippery! Hopefully now I can dodge the karma from laughing at that guy because of my new shoes. :) Dad – my tummy is doing so much better. And my knee. I feel like a new person!

Side note – I slammed my hand in a taxi yesterday. Maybe that’s my karma for laughing at the dude.

Thank you all so much for the love and support. Looking forward to another week in Baguio!
I am so lucky! I get to call this beautiful city "home"!

This little boy is so cute! He is the son of a member of our church who hasn't been attending church. We have been visiting his mom to fellowship her. This lil guy only speaks Ilokano, so I don't understand anything he says but he still loves me. And I love him too! He took the pamphlet we gave his mom and put it in his school backpack because he loves pictures of Jesus. How cute is that?!

Check out this dog's tongue!
Shoes! Before and After

Thanks dad!

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