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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

One Liners of One Crazy Week (with explanations of course)

·         “Don’t come back! We won’t accommodate you again!” – One investigator yelled after us as we were leaving her house. DANG MAN! Don’t yell so loud! We are trying to teach your neighbors!

·         “Follow Jesus! Not Joseph Smith! Amen! Only Jesus!” – One preacher man came and preached to us. He kept chastising us telling us to quit teaching the Gospel of Joseph Smith. I happened to be using a “Gospel of Jesus Christ” pamphlet as a fan right then, so I showed him the title…yeah, he still didn’t believe me. Oh well. Whatcha gonna do?

[We don’t preach a “Gospel of Joseph Smith”]

·         “Maybe this is still happening right now.” – Norma after reading Amos 8:11-12. Because yeah, people are still looking for truth today. Norma is so bright. She could teach herself the lessons!

·         “Yes! It’s the same feeling I felt when I saw you, Sister Jackson, at the fruit and veggie market.” – Jocelyn. She said the closing prayer after a lesson and asked which church is true and the spirit was so strong! So afterwards I asked her “Did you feel that!?” Yes. “Have you ever felt that before?”…hence her answer!

·         “I don’t usually let all those other missionaries in. But you look different.” – Josie, our new investigator.

·         Me: “Did you pray to know if Joseph Smith is a true Prophet?”

Angie: “Yes.”

Me: “What did God say?”

Angie: “Yes.”

Me: “OK! So… the lesson!”

(It’s terrible, but I’m not used to it being that easy. So simple! Love Angie!)

Thank you so much for all the letters mom! Three now from April! You’re writing me so much! I love them. I read them all the time. I’ll write you back later today. :)

Thank you for the package Sister Krimme! You are so thoughtful! The chapstick is super handy and it was so great to hear from you! I’m excited to try out the eyeshadow tomorrow!


Biking in Burgham Park!
One of the bikes is made of children's lawn chairs. We all have to come back here! They have the weirdest, most awesome bikes!!
[My family has a tradition of biking in cities that we visit.]
We made guac! It was so so so good. AH!

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