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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Happy P(agod)-Day!

[Pagod = tired]

Oh my hulay! RAIN STORM! On Tuesday we had a HUGE rainstorm! Because our area has a lot of alley ways with stairs and houses lining the sides, tons of water was flooding off of the roofs onto the stairs. We were hiking up stairs as 6+ inches of water streamed down. Also, there was a landslide in our area. It quickly turned into mud-sewage water because the open sewage canals filled up and overflowed. I smelled so nasty! But, that night’s shower and dry clothes felt so good! Just another adventure in Baguio. :)

On Saturday I got to go back to my first area for a baptism of three kids I used to teach: Jordan, Michael and Nicole! Oh my goodness – I was just beaming! I felt like a proud mama! Victor baptized them and then they shared such sweet, heartfelt testimonies! I was thinking back to when it was hard for them to pray, and look how far they have come now! I’ve missed them so much!

It was so great to see Sister Dizon! I know, it had only been 3 weeks, but three weeks in missionary life is an eternity! I told her last preparation day I would come, but then she thought I wasn’t going to come, so she was surprised to see me! I beat her to the church. It was one of those awesome running hugs that are in movies and I swore I wouldn’t do, but I just couldn’t help it! Also, she tried to talk me into giving her talk…ha ha just like old times! But then she stood up and said, “Well, Sister Jackson was supposed to give this talk but didn’t prepare anything…so I guess I will give it.” Great! Way to throw me under the bus! And lie to the congregation. ;) Love her so much. Also, her laugh is still just as contagious as ever. She picked this super obscure primary song for all the missionaries to sing. She was the only one who knew it, so we put her in the middle and tried to follow. Well, she missed a whole phrase, so we all missed it, then just started singing again. But then Sister Dizon started laughing, so then we all were just standing, trying to sing at a baptism, dying laughing. Diane is so nice. She had to speak right after our failed performance and said, “I’m glad our missionaries are so happy!”

I asked Sister Dizon if people missed me when I was gone. She said everyone was asking where I went, and was sad that I was gone. Awe! Tender! It feels good to be loved. This Sunday, if Brother Calika comes to church, he is officially a returning member! Also, others who have started coming back to church and those who are learning about the gospel are still progressing! I love them all and miss them so much!

Congrats to the Sevilla Ward missionaries who are soon to be full time missionaries! Ate Jov…Australia! Ate Kat…Cebu! Victor…Cagayan de Oro! I am so happy for them and I know they will be amazing!

Seeing, and hearing about, these friends has given me motivation to build just as great or even better relationships with the people in my current area and ward. Missionaries are so lucky – we get to be friends with all sorts of people that we otherwise probably wouldn’t have even met if we didn’t serve. I love and miss all of my Sevilla peeps, but I’m happy to be back in Baguio! And I’m ready to go! :)


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