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Tuesday, April 29, 2014


In my defense, I didn’t realize it was Easter until someone said, “Happy Easter” to their friend last Saturday on a jeepney.

I wanted to spend this week celebrating Easter through my personal study. I decided to read “Jesus the Christ” and cross reference all the New Testament references (am I the only one who thought that the Bible was quoted a LOT in General Conference?!) and it has been really great! I highly recommend it! I cannot summarize my findings to do them justice, but I have learned so much from studying those few verses about the last week of Christ’s life. This week was really hard for me, but I am grateful for the struggle because I really got to experience having Jesus Christ as a companion with me.

On Saturday we had a service project cleaning up an elementary school with the ward. I mostly swept up damp concrete powder and dumped it into a pile. It was super fun to be able to get to know the ward members better. I have a new best friend – Melanie. She is six years old and makes awesome crazy faces with me. And I totally rocked the yellow “helping hands” vest! :)

We have been climbing stairs, hills and mountains. One time this week someone asked, “Where are you coming from?” (A common greeting in the Philippines). We told them, and they exclaimed, pointing, “That’s all the way on the other side of that mountain!!” Ha ha. No wonder why my jeans barely make it over my calves! It is so great though. I really love the area and the people here. I find myself thinking about them, and the people in my last area, while I climb the hills. I hope I am living right, saying right, and doing right so I can help my people here progress spiritually and ultimately prepare to meet God.

Sister Morrill (my American housemate) and I made some great memories this week! We woke up extra early every day and went to a Tae Bo class in Burgham Park! I love it because, first of all, it’s a GREAT work out. Secondly, it’s really the only time I can people watch. Almost all the time people stare at me because I’m American. But, here I can people watch because there are over 100 people in the class and they are all watching the instructor. Well, most of them. Four out of Six days, random people ended up filming Sister Morrill and me while we were exercising. Yep. We were all nasty sweaty, but I guess it’s still interesting enough to film...

Another plus – Tae Bo has improved my reflexes. At an investigator’s house, a rat ran out from under the couch and would have darted across my BARE FEET but I jumped on top of my chair lightning fast and didn’t even scream! My companion said all of the color drained out of my face though.


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