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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Many Uses of Alcohol

Not alcohol for drinking, medical alcohol. Sister Dizon is a hoot! She is like the guy from my big fat Greek wedding. Instead of Windex, she has a mini spray bottle filled with alcohol that she has used to get stains out of my clothes, to stop my bug bites from itching, to make her rash go away, to teach object lessons, to spray at barking dogs to get them to quit barking at us and, most recently, to kill a GIANT spider that was literally bigger than my hand when I spread out all of my fingers! She is so brave! I kept getting scared, screaming and running away! Sister Dizon yelled at me, “Stop screaming! We have neighbors! They have children! It is late!” I honestly had no idea I was that scared of spiders. I guess they are a lot scarier when you get really close to them to take a picture and they bend over backwards off the wall, fangs flailing right at your face! Oh my gosh!
Although Sister Dizon has introduced many different uses of alcohol to me, I still just use it to clean my hands.

This week in church I was so impressed and amazed by the cleansing power of the sacrament. When we take the sacrament EVERY WEEK we can literally become cleansed from our sins again. And have a fresh start. Every single week. How amazing is that?! I love fresh starts!
This week church was wonderful! It was Christmas morning – Santa came through! We had 4 people who haven’t been to church in a long time show up, and 5 people who are investigating the church came too!

General Conference Women's Meeting! I missed my sisters, but I am glad I got to attend the meeting with these lovely friends!

Birthday party time!


Thanks again Aunt Heidi - LOVED these brownies!


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