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Monday, April 28, 2014

Give Me Mountains to Climb!

The hills of Baguio are beautiful! And I am so lucky to be able to climb these hills all day. The view from up top is priceless! We are teaching so many people who are really prepared! When I got here, there were really only 2 progressing investigators, but Sister Pelayo and I have been doing a lot of finding this week. It’s so great to see how God has really prepared this area and these people. I love the view from up top!

Kiji, a 17 year old girl we taught, just lost her dad. She was having a really hard time with it. Kinda crazy – when we were getting to know her, I felt inspired to ask if her mom and dad live with her. I thought, “Well that’s a weird question. Oh well.” I asked it anyways. Sometimes the gift of discernment works in mysterious ways because after I asked that she told us her dad recently passed away, and then she really opened up to us. We taught her the plan of salvation. It was lovely. The spirit was so strong! I asked her what her feeling was (that makes sense in Tagalog…not so much in English) and she said happy inside. I explained, “That’s the spirit! It's telling you that what we are telling you is true!”  

We found a family! Usually we have to do a lot of persuading to get the whole family to join in, but all the Baculis stayed without any arm-twisting, pleading, or trickery. The dad is out of work right now, so they don’t have any electricity. The mom takes on people’s laundry, hand washing clothes all day. (After just 2 hours of hand washing my clothes, I feel like my arms are going to fall off.) She is so impressive. Heavenly Father has really prepared them through their humble circumstances. It’s a good reminder for me to use my trials as a way to come closer to Christ.

We met two sisters that live together and are the leaders of their church, but agreed to listen to us. They met with us, and after the second lesson (which was about families being together because of the Priesthood here on the earth today), Lovely said that they aren’t sure about some of the things we taught, but have a good feeling inside and really want to learn more.

Everyone has told me Baguio is a hard area. They all warned me that there would be relatively low lessons. I’m sure some of the areas here are super hard. Yet my week was great. It just goes to show that God really does have a plan for all of His children, and He is preparing ways for all of them to receive His plan for them. I am so thankful for the wonderful week I had and for the opportunity to be an instrument in the Lord’s hands for good.

Random facts about life here in Baguio or just missionary life in general:

·         I talk in my sleep in Tagalog. I’ve been doing that for a while, but I guess I was talking a ton a couple of nights ago because I woke poor Sister Pelayo up!

·      A referral we went to contact this week was not home. While standing in the doorway talking to her middle aged son, I saw 4 mice climbing around her counters. But, I went back the next day. Ya know what? With great sacrifice come great blessings. Even though I was sitting there rigidly the whole lesson, panicking inside (I kinda have a phobia) just praying none of them would jump in my hair, we had such a powerful lesson with her. Which is worth it. I might have an ulcer now, but I’ll survive. Also, side bar: this lady makes jam – the kind that is bottled, labeled and sold in stores and on the street. Looks sanitary on the outside…DEFS ISN’T! Dang man, the street food I eat must be REALLY UNSANITARY!

·         I had Dr. Pepper. It’s been 6 months. Holy amazing.

·         The most refreshing snack I’ve had so far was an applesauce squeeze pouch. Thank you so much g-ma and g-pa J for the package. These snacks and crystal light are perfect rewards to motivate me up the next mountain!

·         Teaching the Plan of Salvation to kids is a lot better with sidewalk chalk! Thank you so much for the package Tita Heidi! I love it all.

·         I am covered in HUGE bug bites. Sherilyn, the itch cream is literally a life saver! The nuts and kind bars are the best on the go snack! Also, now my wallet is full of Tylenol extra strength packets for when my knee starts bugging me. Seriously, so kind and thoughtful. Thank you so much for the package!

·         Stairs + rain + dirt = nahulog ako! [I fell] Yep. Some things never change.

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