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Tuesday, January 13, 2015


On the morning of January 10, we got a text from our Branch Mission Leader telling us that we had a problem. Turns out we had a BUNCH of problems (this was by far the baptism with the most problems), but the biggest one was the fact that the church had no electricity until 2pm. So, no water in the font. Good thing the beach is just 15/20 minutes away!

We had the program at the church. Then, it was like herding cats, but we all got in trikes and made it to the beach. We actually had more investigators and missionaries in attendance than ward members. #bittersweet

To get baptized in the ocean, they go stand in the waves about calf or knee high. The one performing the baptism says the baptismal prayer. Then they walk out a bit further and when a big wave comes hi dunks him in the water. From a viewer’s perspective it looked like he just shoved Errol over. :)
We hopped back on the trikes and headed back to the church to hear Errol’s testimony and President’s closing remarks. Errol’s testimony was heart touching. He said he is going to continue to repent, go to church, receive the priesthood, go on a mission and endure to the end. He was so nervous – he was clapping his arms at his sides, but the testimony was really great.

Here is a text we got from Errol last night (we texted him to ask if it’s ok if we drop by today). He said: That is super ok as long as it’s my big sisters, hehe :) Yes sister that’s ok as long as it’s you and Sister Apin. So funny.

I am so thankful that I got to be here in this area right now and witness a baptism of another Ordinario. I feel so blessed to be a part of their lives. Missionaries are so lucky! And I’m feeling like one of the luckiest right now. :)

Well, I’m in San Fernando! I gotta dash cause I’m hoping to run into lots of missionary friends today. And I’m gonna eat a burger. I miss my MacDo. 

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