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Friday, November 14, 2014


Yup, it’s true. I have a giant, painful bite on my nose and my toes are guaranteed to be coated with mud at any time of the day. Ah, life! :)
Sister Gerhards, MY TRAINER, went home this week! So did Sister Tune. On their last day, Sister Gerhards went to our old area in Pagdalagan. I heard a couple of weeks ago from other missionaries that Sister Violetta was less active now. So when I saw Sister Gerhards at the transfer point, I asked her if she was going to visit Sister Violetta. She said she would! And another fun tradition in Baguio Mission – on your last night at the mission home you can call your friends on the mission and say goodbye. So Sister Gerhards called me and told me all about her visit to Sister Violetta’s house.
Turns out Violetta’s mom is sick. She has been super sick since August. Violetta can’t leave her alone – even to go to church. That’s why she is less active! I was so confused when the other missionaries told me that because when I left the area, she was excited to go to the temple. She told Sister Gerhards that she still reads the Book of Mormon every day. :)
 The reason I was at transfer point was so I could pick up my new companion – SISTER APIN! I love her. So much. Can I just take a moment to brag about my new companion? She has such a great attitude about the work. She is so excited and enthusiastic. She has only been here a few days but is getting to know everyone. It’s easy to tell how much she loves everyone.
Sister Apin bought a can of sardines for dinner. Then we went to the Ordinarios house and noticed they didn’t have any ulam, only rice. (Ulam goes on top of rice.) So she gave her sardines to the Ordinarios! Even though it was Saturday night and we didn’t have any ulam at our house! She said that she had a feeling when she bought it earlier that she wasn’t buying it for herself. Oh my gosh. Then I said we would be blessed with dinner because of her kindness. Guess who cooked for us? Our great branch mission leader!
#WhatGoesAroundComesAround #ILoveMyCompanion #SuchaGoodExample
Then, on Sunday, I pulled out my crackers and ate them. My companion said “Oh, I’m hungry too.” She grabbed her crackers then PASSED THEM OUT TO EVERYONE IN THE CLASS.
Life is so good from my nose to my toes. I’m kinda short on time…love you all! Ingat!

It was so great to meet up with old friends at the transfer point! Although we were not companions, Sister Tune and I lived together for 6 months. I love her!

My three word mission motto 
(We each had to submit a picture for a slideshow at an upcoming conference).

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