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Monday, November 17, 2014


I love my companion. She is super down to earth, so it’s not a big deal if we both start having that inappropriate laugh in a prayer, or if I want to make us a batch of popcorn between personal and companion study.

My companion is also very diligent. She doesn't mind running through muddy rice fields to save some walking time or doubling our pace to make our appointments. I am always impressed with how sincere her prayers are. She is so humble and willing to learn. She is always excited to work. Sister Apin and I went to San Fernando on Friday for new missionary training. It was great, really informative. I have a lot of things I can improve on. Also, I got to see Sister Dizon (#celebsighting) so that was great. By the time we got home and dropped off our stuff it was already evening time, so we prayed that we would be able to teach the two families on our plan and find and teach a new family. GOOD NEWS! God answers prayers. But sometimes He doesn't answer them in the most comfortable or easy way. We stopped by a lot of houses that we just normally pass by every day. And it was funny – I could tell people were confused that we were talking to them cause we usually just walk by in a hurry. Well, we stopped on Friday. We found an excited mom and dad and 5 kids. The Lord is so good. I know that specific prayers, combined with our efforts to help God give us the blessings we have asked for, will give us specific answers.

A recent convert/less active (kawawa, right?) in our area has really changed – for the better. It all started with our lesson last week on tithing. It wasn't supposed to be about tithing – it was just supposed to be obedience. But the branch member explained that it used to be hard for him to obey the law of tithing. Then Mama L asked, “What is tithing?” So we explained it to her. It was really good. So good. I was surprised how excited she looked to pay her tithing at the end of the lesson. Mom and dad, I shared your story of how paying your tithing blessed your life. Mama L was super excited to pay her tithing because she had faith that the blessing God promised happened to others and could happen to her.

She paid her tithing last Sunday.

She told us that the next day her son-in-law received more cars than his car shop was used to catering to. And that he was able to finish the two cars that he previously had so then he could take on all the jobs.

Tithing. What a great way to always be able to show our faith to the Lord.

THANKS FOR THE LETTERS! FL Primary, mom, Andersons, Michael Jarvis, Hermana Taylor – I’ll write you back later today. :)

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