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Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Oct. 20, 2014


MAMA A HAS BEEN SHARING THE VERSES & INSIGHTS FROM OUR DISCUSSIONS WITH PAPA A. Sometimes he is home when we visit, but he is so shy that he never joins us. Mama A told us that as she read one of the verses with her husband, he cried and said, “We are going to church again.”

They made it! Mama A, Papa A and Lola! (Lola is a recent convert.)

PALPAK means “FAIL.” 

Here goes! Yesterday Sister Hardy and I went to visit some less active members of our church that were in the hospital. I was asking the lady at the front desk where Gian’s room was, but she really just was not understanding what I was saying…Then a guy sitting in the waiting room jumped up and said, “I know where Julieann is! I’ll take you there!” (I thought he said Gian.) He hurried up the stairs; we hurried up after him, down the hall and into the room. As he closed the door and left us in there we realized that we didn’t know any of the people inside, but they were so happy to see us! We were confused, thinking, “Wait…do we know you?” Then after chatting for a bit they finally asked, “So…who are you guys?” Haha. Wrong room. Well we found  Gian, the one we were there to visit. She said we could come teach her on Wednesday! We asked her cousins (who were visiting her and had told us that they see us walk by their house all the time) if we could teach them another day. They didn’t say anything. They just looked down. Awkward!

Another success story! We went to a less active member’s house at 6:30pm one evening. They were already asleep. They heard us and woke up and said, “Sisters! Come in, come in!” And later, Mama O explained, “You represent Jesus Christ. If I turn you away, it’s like I am turning away Jesus.” Wow! I wish everyone we wanted to teach had that perception of us!

Another palpak story! Hiking through the rice fields is trouble. Especially for accident prone people, such as me. We had 15 mins. to get to our next appointment, so we decided to cut through the bukid (rice field). There are lil paths, but the straw-like plants cover them, and sometimes there are little holes that are underneath, but you can’t tell that they are there until you step in them and fall over. Bro. Oliver (our Branch Mission Leader) and two of the grandkids of the people we had just visited were with us. The kids had a flashlight, but we were just using the flashlight that we have on our phone. I totally fell in a hole. Then stood up into another hole. Then tried to get out again but fell into ANOTHER hole. My companion was dying laughing – so was I! I decided to just roll over and wait on the ground for a bit. Then my companion took a step and she totally fell. And then Bro. Oliver took a step and gracefully stumbled. Such a funny night. Lots of bruises. Lots of memories!


Janice is getting baptized this Saturday! She is adorable. Love her. She is so ready.

Bro. Domingo brought his grandkids with him to church. We also found out this week that he WALKS to church. And it’s not a short walk. Have I told you about his daughters yet? Well, Annabelle and Elizabeth always wanted to listen to us. They would hang around when we were over, send their kids in to listen, and try to hear, but never join themselves. Then one time, we decided to go without a ward member fellowshipper. We told Annabelle and Elizabeth that we couldn’t teach unless they joined the lesson – explaining the mission rule (we can’t be alone to teach a man). They have now joined for the last 4 or 5 lessons. I ran into Annabelle yesterday and told her that we missed her because she wasn't at the last lesson. She told me she snuck in a little bit late, but that she was sitting behind us and listening to everything we said. Cute, and a lil creepy at the same time.

Fonganalio Family – we have to postpone the baptism because of a smoking addiction. BUT, they are still doing great and I know they will make it.

It’s been a great week! Lots of laughs and fun. Lots of teaching and progressing. I’m so lucky to be here!

Brother Domingo and his grandkids

Mama A and family

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