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Friday, October 3, 2014


I transferred! I am now here in Agoo! (uh-go-oh) I love my area; the branch here is so great and my new companion…DRUM ROLL…

 Sister Hardy! I’m companions with an American for the first time since the MTC. I miss Sister Campos and Monong Bien and my housemates and my cool Baguio air, but I am LOVING Agoo. So Much!

I got here on Thursday afternoon. We are switching apartments (hopefully this Tuesday), so I am just living out of my suit cases. My area has a lot of rice fields. It is COMPLETELY FLAT! It’s also A LOT smaller than my area in Baguio which is nice because when I get home at night I don’t feel like I am going to fall over with exhaustion. My new fabanay (housemates) are Sister Hardy (obviously), Sister Beckam, and Sister Alpes. Sis. Alpes is the only Filipina. Good thing I’m fluent in Tagalog now *sarcasm*. It’s a SUPER fun house. I love these girls! I think I am going through Sister Tune withdrawals though…I’ve lived with her for 6 months!

The work here is really different. We work off of referrals. We had 5 investigators come to church yesterday! Members are working with us all the time. #missionaryheaven

It’s not perfect. No area is. I tried talking to a lady by saying “I’m really new here and excited to get to know other people in the area…” then she said, “The only one that will listen to you is the dog.” Ouch. Harsh.

My favorite investigator is Brother Ordinario. He is an older man. He had his vocal cords removed because of past addictions. He can’t speak; I can’t read lips. He is the kindest man though. This week was his first Sunday at church and he wore a fedora. SO CUTE! Brother Domingo is super nice! The other 4 investigators at the branch were all kids or teenagers so we gotta get their parents to come!

This week I will get to know the members and investigators and find lots of new potentials! I’m so excited to have so many more people to love!

Well! I’m off to the beach! Don’t worry, I won’t swim, I’ll just look at the water and work on my missionary tan lines.

P.S. Shout out to Aunt Heidi! Thank you so much for the package. You are the best. I love it all. I was almost out of Chap Stick. But now I am ok! Also, everything was perfect. As usual. I love it all. Thank you!!

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