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Saturday, March 29, 2014

My Lucky Week!

Sister Dizon and I had a great week! Ward members worked with us which makes every day better. We taught a bunch of lessons, and…happy ending…ONE INVESTIGATOR CAME TO CHURCH! AND ONE PERSON WHO HASN’T COME IN A REALLY LONG TIME CAME TOO!! Yay for a HAPPY ENDING this week!
One thing I thought I’d never say as a missionary…This week Sister Dizon, Kaxan (our friend from the ward) and I helped our recent convert harvest her tobacco. In skirts. Lucky us!
The gospel changes lives! I am so lucky to be able to witness MIRACLES every day. Change might be slow. It might not come when you want it to. But the teachings of Jesus Christ, the life of Jesus Christ and the atonement of Jesus Christ really do change people.
Brother Oscar (Sheila’s husband) is living the Word of Wisdom! He is the one that felt like drinking less and less after he met us. After our first lesson he quit smoking, drinking, and drinking coffee all together! How lucky is that?!
We went back to Grace’s house this week. She is an investigator we met when I had a super strong impression to try their house one night. Sister Grace is reading the Book of Mormon and is already in 2nd Nephi! She believes the Book of Mormon is true. She even highlights her favorite verses!
We are teaching the Gurions. Again! The very first lesson I ever taught in the Philippines was to them. Things kind of fizzled out with them – they were busy with volleyball and never home – but they picked back up again! How lucky is that!? Natalie (16) and Nicole (14) are both so sweet! They came to church 2 weeks ago, but were late, so everyone was inside and they were too shy to come inside because they didn’t know where to find the chapel!
Guess who came to church??!!
Drum roll…
Natalie! She was really nervous and Nicole was asleep so she came BY HERSELF! We were waiting at the gate for her though. (Luckily!) I’m so proud of her! Her faith is stronger than her fear!
I love the Sevilla Ward! This morning we had “missionary morning” with Sister Kaxan and Sister Joevelyn. We went to the beach during our exercise time and tried to make another EFY music video, but the speaker died. Oh well! We took some fun pictures instead.
I am so thankful for the friends that I have here in the Sevilla Ward and all the good times we have when they work with us! Whether it’s hiking through fields of TAE in the dark with Sister Kat, trying to juggle twins and teach a lesson with Sister Joevelyn, or laughing all through the opening song with Sister Kaxan, every day is a great day in the Sevilla Ward!
I am also so thankful for all the support from home. I feel like I sound like a broken record, but thank you for all the letters and prayers. Also – shout out the Fisher’s Landing Ward and all of my former leaders and teachers there. Thank you for preparing me to serve a mission. I’ve been thinking about how lucky I am to come from such a great ward and to serve in such a great ward.
Natalie and me at church. Ah! I'm still so happy!
Tobacco! I put the camera on a giant pile!
Ridin' in the back of a jeep!
Housemates and friends at the beach

Sevilla Ward friends: Joevelyn and Kaxan. Love these lovely ladies!


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