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Monday, March 10, 2014

Dang Man!

“Dang man!” is Sister Dizon’s catch phrase. I feel like it describes my week pretty well! Don’t get me wrong, there were super great things about this week – I scared the heck out of Sister Dizon, we laughed until we cried multiple times, and we just about died of laughter during one of our lessons. 

A drunk guy joined us and tried to sing “Keep the Commandments” with us. I lost it when Sister Dizon interrupted him (after about the 15th time he asked, “How do I join the Mormons?”) and said, “Brother, JUST LISTEN!” I burst out laughing and then Sister Dizon turned to me and said, “Why are you laughing?! I am serious!” but then she lost it too and we were both crying from laughing so hard!

Emily, thanks for the EFY music! We made a super great music video one night at the house. But guess what is even funnier? Sister Dizon watches it ALL THE TIME and laughs like it’s the funniest thing ever. Every time. Her laugh is so contagious that it makes me laugh from across the house! She is hilarious! Thanks again for the music Em!

Love the Rimpilios family! This week Sister Dizon and I helped Sister Dianne make 4 kilos of pancit for her kids’ entire school! DANG MAN! Also, I learned how to make pancit Sister Diane’s way – hers is so stinkin’ masarap! [delicious] Brother Frank headed out to sea this week – he will be gone for 9 months. Before he left he told us he hoped to see a picture of Michael and Jordan at their baptism on Facebook. Tender! And so sad! And so happy!

Miracle this week! Rebecca’s husband has always been really hard hearted towards us. But GUESS WHAT HAPPENED THIS WEEK?! HE LISTENED TO THE LESSON! He didn't stay (still a little too prideful for that :) ) but he told us, “I will listen on the other side of the door." MIRACLE! Then, guess who came to church? Sister Rebecca!! She has wanted to for forever, but her husband wouldn't let her. She made it this week! 
So awesome!

One of our investigators, Sheila, has made great progress. One day when we stopped by she had just gotten home from work and was way tired. I asked, “Can we teach your husband?” She said, “OK!” without hesitation. Turns out he left when he heard us coming. DANG MAN! BUT, Sister Sheila told us she knows this is the right path for her because when she started reading the Book of Mormon, she was able to get clients (she is a masseuse). She was practically out of work before, and now she is recognizing the blessings of keeping the Lord’s commandments – of being on His path. She has been reading the Book of Mormon and told us that she knows it’s true! She believes that Joseph Smith was a true prophet! Sheila is so great! She reads everything we ask her to read; she has such a strong testimony. She can’t ever make it to church though. Something has come up the last 2 Sundays she tried. DANG MAN!

You know what one of the worst feeling ever is? When someone knows what you are telling them is true, you know they know it’s true, they know they know it’s true and when you ask, “Do you believe the Book of Mormon is true?” “Do you believe Joseph Smith was a true prophet?” “Do you believe the church is Christ’s true church on the earth today?” and they answer YES to everything, and then kick you out and tell you not to come back. DANG MAN! Half way into Sister Saltiban’s lesson, she interrupted us to tell us she doesn't want us back. We both shared our testimonies and cried. She apologized and told us still don’t come back. Then she shared her experience at baptism. SHE KNOWS IT’S TRUE! Before we left, Sister Dizon chose my favorite hymn to sing (by coincidence). I totally cried! And then I had to say the closing prayer too. It was a struggle. THE SPIRIT OF THE LORD WAS SO STRONG!!

People have booted us before, all the time! But not people who have a testimony. It is so hard to see someone who KNOWS it is true not accept the gospel in their life. It’s so hard to see someone you love turn away from Christ and the blessings that Christ wants to give them if they do the things He asks of them. So stinking sad! When we got on the jeepney after, we were both a lil teary still. We sat of opposite ends of the jeepney. Sister Dizon pulled her Book of Mormon out of her bag and passed it to me opened to Alma 26:27, then Alma 17:10. As we were passing the Book of Mormon back and forth, teary a bit, I thought to myself, “I am a missionary!” It kinda hit me in a weird, different way in this situation. DANG MAN! :)

Alma 26:27
Now when our hearts were depressed, and we were about to turn back, behold, the Lord comforted us, and said: Go amongst thy brethren, the Lamanites, and bear with patience thine afflictions, and I will give unto you success.

Alma 17:10
And it came to pass that the Lord did visit them with his Spirit, and said unto them: Be comforted. And they were comforted.

I love that Sister Dizon and I get to share all these up and down moments. We laugh, we cry, we laugh till we cry. It’s beautiful. Last night, walking after a discouraging day, I said, “I just want to yell! Is that allowed?” She said, “Let’s do it!” So we yelled a bit. It felt so good! We are so weird!

We ran into Oliver the other day while we were out tracting. He proceeded to send us a few texts throughout the week…
  • Thanks Sister that I was able to see you walking again.  I am thankful to God, as the one angel of the 2nd Jerusalem, no other in the Philippines
  • Thank you again Sister Jackson. I love you I love you
  • Sister Jackson, your name is written on my heart
  • I will prove to you Sister Jackson that I am the one angel the time will come on judgment day but I promise I will save your life, one real angel.
  • Sweet Jackson, on May 13, 2011 I saw the Holy Spirit, just like a pigeon, just like happen in Portugal Spain (this one was all in English and I still don’t understand it!)
  • Hey sweetheart Jackson! Again, I’m one angel, sending my greetings to you!

That’s pretty much it…a couple other “I love you” “Goodnight sweetheart” texts, but nothing too different. DANG MAN!

Well, life is good! Next week will be even better! I’m gonna go buy some chicken nuggets at Macdo’s cause they are SUPER MASARAP here!

Thanks for the letters Erika, Hermana Taylor, and Andersons! Y’all are the best! Emily, love the music. LOVE the music! Mom, you make the best packages!

Thanks again for all of the support! I love y’all!

Rimpilio Family! Love them!

Fisher Family (minus Brother Fisher) after church! 

Sad Sisters after Sister Saltiban dropped us

Popsicles after a hot day of work = love

Sneak peek at our EFY music video. Get excited!

Thank you Thurmans! Those Hot Tamalies were so masarap!! And, I love the socks!

Thank you Erika!!

I love my desk decorations! Thanks Jennie and mom!

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