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Monday, April 13, 2015


April 6, 2015

It’s April! Summer is here! I now know what it’s like to sweat from every pour. So much sweat that by the end of the day my mascara is gone. I didn’t even know that was possible! Kind of silly that I still wear mascara anyway. But part of me feels like I should at least TRY to look presentable, you know?

Not only was this week April Fool’s (which I am ashamed to say I did nothing for) but it was also Holy Week here in the Pines. Because of the large Catholic influence, the whole nation celebrates. Everything was closed on Good Friday (I only saw one drug store open). You’d think with everyone home there would be lots of people to teach…it was worse than New Years! Everyone was sleeping, drunk, gambling, had visitors, or was gone on vacation! Good thing we celebrated Sister Chita’s birthday. She is a recent convert here in Lingsat Ward who is blind and seriously one of the most positive people I know. We made her day. We surprised her. She is so cute. It was our pleasure.

We got to watch the General Conference Women’s meeting (we are a week behind all y’all). It was so good! I took away 2 things. #1 American Accent. Oh my gosh. It sounded so weird to me! #2 Families. I am so excited to see my family again! I realized there is really no replacement for spending quality time with the fam.

On Saturday we had sisters from 2 zones evacuated to our house. They all came with us to church on Sunday. So many missionaries! And there wasn’t really a storm…There was a party though! Ha ha, not really a party. More like everyone was just exhausted. It’s really hard to juggle missionary life and hosting 10 extra people at your house.

My companion and I are working on helping an older sister in our ward get a hearing aid. This week I got to experience the bureaucracy in the Pines – Certificate of Indigence, Medical Certificate, tests, etc. to see if she qualifies for financial assistance. It’s been quite an interesting experience. I think I will just tell those stories in person. Sister Hufano is so trusting though – we basically just kidnapped her and dragged her all over town because she can’t hear anything so she doesn’t know what we are doing with her!

I love being a missionary. I love serving others. I love my life in the Pines.

Sister J

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