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Monday, December 29, 2014


December 8, 2014

Update on the Ordinario family:

 Errol (grandson, 14) is going to be baptized on January 10 and he is so excited. He always tells us he is reading more, being more kind, and leaving behind his bad habits because his baptism is close! So cute. Also, he finishes everything he says with, “Sister.” For example, “I will read, Sister.” “Yes, Sister.” “Repentance, Sister.” He’s adorable.

The Ordinarios are in a temporary house, and have been for a year or so, because things aren't really working out with the house they want to build. Their temporary house is made of tin, tarps and curtains. It’s kawawa. Nanay always used to apologize to us/complain about her house to us until a couple of weeks ago she told a visitor at her house that it’s sort of Sister Apin’s and my house too because we are there all the time. So now Sister Apin and I call it “our house” and whenever Nanay starts commenting on the house, we say, “Nay! Don’t be hating on the house! This is our house after all!”

On Saturday, we helped Nanay wash her clothes. She hated it. The whole time she was telling us to stop. It was mostly just because I am white, so she was embarrassed. Ouch! She kept saying “Hwuag!” (don’t) and then she said, “Why aren't you listening to me?!” I said “We are just pasaway Nay!” Pasaway means disobedient or naughty. She got a kick out of that. I told her since we live there we should be helping with the chores.

We were trying to distract Nanay while we were doing the laundry, so we got her telling us ghost stories, talking about her past and about her kids. When she got to her twelfth kid we asked, “Wait, are all of these REALLY your kids?” She said, “Ah! They might as well be! I take care of them all!” So then we said, “Us too!” So Errol is #13, I’m #14 and Sister Apin is #15.

I love the Ordinarios so much. I’m so thankful to be a small part of their large family!

THANKS FOR THE MAIL Emily Krimme, Mama J, Toby, Erika and Spence!

Laundry day! We love Nanay!

Here are a few pictures of all of us at CHURCH! Tatay Memerto didn’t make it (husband of Nanay Antonia). BUT, Bro. Domingo, Sister Dolche and Nanay all made it! 

We love missionary work!

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