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Monday, January 13, 2014

Super sick in week six

Honestly, the best thing about this week is that I survived it! And that my new apartment has an awesome blender. I make [almost] Jamba Juice quality smoothies for the house :)

We have mice. I die. I literally jumped in the kitchen sink when one ran across the room and brushed against my BARE FOOT!!! And then some ate my 72 hr kit that is stored UNDER MY BED!!! Ahhh I almost had a panic attack. BUT thanks to some Christmas money from my grandma and grandpa, I bought 12 traps. I caught 4 lizards, 2 mice, and one HUGE spider so far. I also learned that my mosquito killing skills are at a whole new level. Also, I got really sick on Friday, but I am feeling better now.

We extended some baptismal invitations this week and people said YES! But, they would text us the next day, or when we would go back to their houses, they asked us not to return to their houses again. BUMMER!!! But, we had extra time to find some more families that haven't been attending church so that was good! 


Our adorable (albeit critter infested) new apartment

Making great use of these mouse traps!

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