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Monday, January 27, 2014

All You Need is Love

I LOVED the package you sent this week! Seriously, it made my week! Goldfish? Genius! I would be walking along the dirt road all day and remember I had a pack of Goldfish, or Trail Mix in my bag, and my heart would SING! It was seriously PERFECTLY random. I saved the yoga pants to try on later today. Gotta spread the LOVE! I wish I could express how thankful I am. I have the BEST family EVER!

This week I got to develop my farmer's tan and my calf muscles! We walked a lot, had a lot of all-tracting-no-teaching days, but really, it was still a happy week. 

My MTC teacher had a quote on his wall - "There are two kinds of people in this world. Those you love and those you don't yet understand." As I understand a little bit more of what people say to me, I really can feel my love for them grow. I am grateful that most of our investigators punted us this week because it gave me a chance to practice "understanding" new people!

I love Sister Violetta! She is the best! Honestly, the first time we taught her she was SO SHY we didn't think she could understand Tagalog. Our last lesson with her was on the Word of Wisdom. After we explained the 5 "bawal" pagkain, she asked "Bakit wala leape?" Sis. Gerhards explained again that the Word of Wisdom is revelation from God through Joseph Smith, so it is a commandment. I asked her if she would commit to living the Word of Wisdom "starting right now." Without hesitation she said yes! In her closing prayer she said "Thank you for sending Sister Jackson and Sister Gerhards." We didn't even know she knew our names! On Sunday she beat us to church! When we saw her later today she WAVED at us! And said "Take care!" from across the field! She is seriously amazing! She makes my days worth it!

Aunt Mary, because of your request to "keep it real" here are some HILARIOUS texts from this week and last from one of our investigators. He is 29. He was investigating the church 3 years ago but it fizzled out when he moved to Manila. So we started teaching him again, and he has developed a little crush on me. He doesn't say any of this cheesy stuff to me in person, so that's good! In person he just takes pictures with me (and I invite my companion, other kids, ANYONE else to be in the pictures!) and offers me food. Anyway, here are some of the texts translated (roughly) into English from Tagalog:

  • Goodbye Sister Jackson! Text me if someone makes fun of you on your way home tonight and I will come rescue you! I am your angel of the second Jerusalem
  • Goodnight sweetheart Jackson. I miss you sweetheart Jackson. Sweet dreams!
  • Even if I am the chosen angel of the second Jerusalem, no one else in the Philippines. I will enter your church tomorrow. Wait for me sweetheart Jackson!
  • I will give you everything. I love you. I love you so much! Good night! Sweet dreams
  • I love you so much, I love you so much! If God will give me a reward for being the angel of the second Jerusalem, I will ask for you!
  • If you were a police woman Sister Jackson, I would surrender. Then put me in jail, just make sure, 100%, it's inside your heart.
  • I am the angel of the second Jerusalem sweetheart Jackson! I'll try my best to pull your spirit into an ocean of fire.
  • I am angel of all girls all over the world sweetheart Jackson so I do everything. No devil can touch you sweetheart Jackson!
  • I'm not ready sweetheart, I'll come next Sunday. I'm not ready. Because I am an angel, chosen by the Holy Spirit, blessed virgin Mary, and all apostles.

First of all, I have no idea where "angel of second Jerusalem" came from! Super odd. Also, mom and dad, don't worry we stopped going to see him. And when we did go he lived at a church member's house so the whole family was there (mom, dad and 3 adorable little boys). Even though we never reply, he keeps sending these. We do want to go back because the Rempillios family is AWESOME! The texts have been slowing down, so hopefully they will stop all together!

Another great week living the missionary life! Thank you all for your prayers and support!

This sweet lady turns 99 next month!

We had the most delicious banana qs at a ward member's house. Deep fried bananas coated in sugar! MASARAP!

We just found a new restaurant that serves hummus! 
It was masarap as well!!

Our beautiful area!

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