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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Why did the chicken climb the tree?

For reals though, I was sitting in a lesson and who would have thought I’d be thinking, “I hope all those chickens in that tree don’t poop on me!” Just another day in the Philippines!

On Tuesday, we had a wonderful quad zone Christmas party. President and Sister Balledos are great! They gave us some training, then a delicious catered lunch, followed with a gift exchange! Afterwards each zone performed a little 10 minute Christmas production. Then we watched a Babylonian movie! “We are Marshall”! The whole day was so great – filled with friends, laughter and good times. In his opening comments for the day, President said, “We are doing our best to show you your Heavenly Father’s love for you.” I am so privileged to serve in the Baguio mission at the same time as President and Sister Balledos! It makes being away from home during the Christmas season a little more doable.

Before showing the new Bible nativity video, President challenged each of us to think, “What does Christ want me to do?” during the video. I challenge each of you to think that and watch the movie. I received some pretty cool inspiration!

Wednesday morning, I prayed and promised the Lord that I would work even harder than I had before. Do you know what happened? The Lord blessed me with a cloudy, drizzly, WINDY day! It was so amazing! I was able to work more efficiently and listen better because the sun wasn’t zapping all of my energy – but really because the Lord helped me keep my promise to Him. “The Lord doesn’t make up the difference – He makes all the difference!” (Courtesy of Sister Golightly)

Top 3 new investigators this week:

·         Alvin and Imelda – we taught them twice this week. It was so great! They live in Saudi Arabia, but are here for Christmas. They leave in 20 days. The lessons with their family are so great! Yesterday, Alvin said the closing prayer to the “Plan of Salvation” lesson and asked the Lord to let us share our message with every person in San Fernando. I love their family! They make my mission worth it. 

·         Medemail – when we talked to her randomly on the street, we gave her a pamphlet about the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Sister Gehards turned to me (expecting me to explain it) and all I could think to talk about was families being together forever. After I finished talking, Sister Gerhards didn’t explain the pamphlet any further. When we walked away, she told me the only thing she could think of to say was about families! When we returned to teach her, we found out that her son has severe mental damage from a hit and run. She told us that our message brought her so much peace and comfort. She said she knew we were messengers from God.

·         Alexandra – we gave her a Book of Mormon this week and asked her to read the title page. She said she knew it would be a good book so she would finish the whole thing! I am so impressed by the faith of these people. Throughout the whole lesson she kept thanking God that we came to her. 

Perks of trying to speak Tagalog:

·         Courage – when an investigator told us, “A missionary tried to give me a Book of Mormon but I gave it back to him and slammed the door on his face” and I had no idea what he just said, but I recognized "Book of Mormon," so I just pulled one out, handed it to him and said “This is for you. It is the Word of God”!

·         Temperance – when another person was going on and on trying to Bible bash with me and all I understood was “You’re going to Hell!” all I could do is share a simple testimony of Jesus Christ. No engaging in contention for me!

·         Humility – Have never been so humbled in my life. I literally cannot do anything that I need to do without the Lord. I need Him all the time. I am so grateful for His constant help. Learning Tagalog has definitely compelled me to be humble. 

·         More spiritually in tune – Since I cannot understand what anyone is saying, I have to rely on the spirit to know what I should testify about in a lesson. Although sometimes I am totally off base, I am learning every day to listen to the spirit. 

Thank you for all the prayers! I can really feel them. I love and miss ya’ll so much! Have a maligayang pasko! I love this gospel so much! I love our Savior. He is truly the greatest gift God has given us. Try to give something to or do something for Him this Christmas.
And every day!

Here’s the link to the new Bible nativity video:

 dito sa area ko

My kasama and I outside the Sister Training Leader's apartment where we are staying

 Mission Christmas Party!

The San Fernando Zone

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