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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

What Every Sister Should Know About the Missionary Training Center

First day

When you arrive, you will be greeted by a host who will help you with your bags and go with you to collect your name tag, MTC ID card (which lets you into the cafeteria), your study materials and books. Then you’ll drop off your bags in your room and take your study stuff to your classroom where you will meet your teacher, district and companion. Then you head to a big “Welcome to the MTC Meeting” with all of the new missionaries and the MTC presidency and the MTC Relief Society Presidency. It is great! Next, dinner. After dinner, you’ll have some time to unpack and then you’ll go to a teaching experience (in English) where in a group of 30ish missionaries you move from room to room teaching one investigator by just raising your hand if you have something to say. The first day is awesome! 
I literally COULD NOT STOP SMILING! It’s amazing.

What to bring to the MTC

·         Mints – not gum
·         Post it notes
·         White board markers
·         Lotion
·         Thank you cards
·         Watch
·         Basketball shorts for gym time
·         Headphones for gym time in 2M
·         Pictures of home, family, friends and good memories
·         Pens – in lots of colors. (They will brighten your day!)
·         Language notebook, personal scripture study notebook and journal
·         Laundry soap, dryer sheets and “delicates” bag (the washers here are super heavy duty!)
·         Pillow – I’m glad I brought my own pillow. They have pillows, sheets and blankets here, but I sleep so much better with my own pillow!
·         HEALTHY NON-PERISHABLE SNACKS.  Think trail mix, dried fruit, protein/granola bars, microwave popcorn (there are microwaves everywhere!)
·         A bag for bathroom stuff and a bag for shower stuff. My shower stuff bag is a mesh “delicates” laundry bag that has a loop on it that I can hang my stuff in the shower. It dries really fast, so it works well!
·         If you have musical talents, bring sheet music (church approved, of course)! People are always needed for special musical numbers. They have violins, cellos, flutes and pianos here for our use – so leave your instruments at home. :)

What to buy at the bookstore (you can go any day, not just p-day)

·         Stamps
·         MTC water bottle
·         Lanyard pull out thing to hold your ID card
·         Ring to attach your key to your lanyard
·         Flashcards on a ring that fit on your lanyard

A typical MTC P-day (at least for me) includes
·         6:30 wake up – NO SLEEPING IN
·         Laundry – go either EARLY morning or afternoon to avoid crowds
·         Email time – 1 hour. Use the computers in the laundry room because they send pictures. Bonus – you can get your laundry AND email done at the same time
·         Nap!
·         Temple visit (Eat in the cafeteria. I hear it’s amazing! I’ll try it this week)
·         Study time
·         P-day ends at 5 for dinner and you’ll have class at night

*If you want to wear P-day clothes all day…you can! You can’t wear them in the cafeteria, but you can get a sack breakfast and lunch which are great!

During the first week at the MTC, you have a lot of personal study time. And companion study time. And personal language study time. It’s tempting to walk over to the computer lab and check your email or to talk with your awesome district instead of working. Decide now to be a hardworking, exactly obedient missionary and it will make life at the MTC enjoyable and satisfying.  

The MTC is the HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH! Do everything you can to come with a humble, teachable heart, positive attitude and a determination to be obedient. You will quickly love the MTC!

My kasama (companion) Sister Golightly

The classic MTC photo

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