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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Happy (late) Veteran's Day!

We like to celebrate holidays. It jazzes up the MTC monotony a bit :)

Another week has flown by! During my first devotional at the MTC, I looked at those missionaries with their white usher badges helping people find their seats and I decided it was my dream to usher while at the MTC.

This week my dream was a reality. I ushered for the L. Tom Perry devotional this week, which also meant I got 3rd row seats and he TOTALLY made eye contact with me. He told us a super cool story about the missionaries evacuating the Philippines that I don't think has even hit church news yet, so I'll give y'all a summary:
There were 24 missionaries that still needed to evacuate, and they all gathered at a church building. They needed some way to get from the church to the airport. Somehow the stake president got a hold of a ***jeepney.*** All 24 missionaries crowded on and they made it to the airport. They all had plane tickets, but couldn't get on the plane because people were giving huge sums of money for seats on the planes at the airport. A US solider dropping off cargo from his cargo plane saw the missionaries and came over to ask what they were doing. They explained their predicament and he said they could sneak on his plane. Every single missionary in the area affected by the storm was safe. 

I know that this is the Lord’s work. I feel so blessed and humbled to be called to serve these wonderful people. I know that the Lord will guide and protect His missionaries. I hope I can learn how to truly become His missionary. 

Yesterday our teacher challenged us to bear our testimony to 5 different sets of elders or sisters around campus. In the bookstore, we asked if we could bear our testimonies in Tagalog to some sisters there and one said she was from the Philippines! After we finished, she told us (in Tagalog so I might have missed some stuff) that we were great at speaking the language, and had strong testimonies. She said we would bring such a strong spirit to the Philippines, and she was so excited for us to serve there. She said she knew we would do many good things. Just talking to her, and feeling her kindness and encouragement made me so happy to serve in the Philippines. She was such a kind sister! I'm so grateful we were blessed talk to her, and that I was able to get a glimpse of the Filipino people. I can't wait!
This week’s laughs: 

-Today a sister stopped my Kasama and me in the laundry room and told us, "It’s so different to see you two normally and like... this!" Yeah, it looks like I just rolled out of bed and came to the laundry room to wash my clothes because that’s exactly what I did. My Kasama and I were a little taken a back. But, hey, we both have a good sense of humor so we just laughed about it. 

-Last night while studying, I looked at a list of scriptures in Preach My Gospel (textbook missionaries use to teach lessons from) and said to my Kasama, "Oh we already read those, right? They were no good." She said, "Yeah, they were dumb." Then we both realized what we just said! We are the worst missionaries ever! The scriptures listed were fantastic; they just didn't apply to what we were teaching. :)

-This week’s item of men’s clothing that I found in my laundry was a sock (much better than last week). Why does this keep happening to me??

-I am missing like half the socks that I came here with. I have no idea how, because I am so careful to put them in my dirty clothes bag, and get everything out of my washers and dryers. It’s a mystery. We joke that the cafeteria workers come down to the laundry room and get socks out of the washers and dryers, chop them up and put them in the food. That solves the missing sock mystery and explains why the food is so strange sometimes. :)
Love y'all so much! I am so blessed to have all of your support. Write me a letter or Dear Elder and let me know how life is for ya. I'd love to hear from you!

Mahal Kita!
Sister J

Filipino sister we met in the bookstore 

***Definition of a jeepney  (added by Sis. Jackson’s mom)
Jeepneys are the most popular means of public transportation in the Philippines. They are known for their crowded seating and flamboyant decorations.

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